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Mismatched Pieces

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We all are a little broken
That does not make us weak
When we put back ourselves differently
Then we are truly unique

It is fine if there is a crack
That's how the light gets in
Acceptance is the first step
Healing begins from within

Cracks and scars can be beautiful
They hold a lesson and story behind
We all are a little broken
In the body, soul and mind

Picking up pieces is never easy
The sharp edges can pierce you
Blunt them out in the process
Emerge into something new

To discover its true colors
Even white had to break
When you see the joy in tomorrow
You can put up with today's ache

You are not allowed to scatter
Put yourself together the way you can
The pieces need not perfectly fit
You don't have to stick to the plan

Understand the lesson it comes with
Be willing to accept and learn
You should know this by now
To become a phoenix, you first burn

Patch yourself in your own colors
Stitch after stitch, pave a way
Create your own pattern
Here, only you have a say

Learn to love yourself now
A little more each day
We're all mismatched pieces
Beautiful in our own way


  1. What a soulful poem! So glad to read your poem, Soumya.

  2. You know, I am hearing these words, "Love yourself" for the second time in the past hour and it feels like the universe is trying to send me a message.
    Thanks for this very beautiful poem, dear Soumya! I am going to work on myself for sure.

    1. I'm so glad this helped, Shilpa. You are an amazing woman, never think otherwise.


  3. What a beautiful, deep and uplifting poem!

  4. This is so beautiful. Loved the line about white having to split to discover it's true colours. Your poems are always hard hitting, Sowmya. Loved it.

  5. Thanks dearest Soumya.
    I needed to hear this today. ♥️

  6. I absolutely loved the first verse where you say that putting ourselves back together makes us unique. That's so insightful and beautiful. Loved how smoothly your poem flows 😊

  7. Agree with Raj- those 2 lines from the first para are the most beautiful for me in this relaly meaningful and well composed piece Soumya :-)


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