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Witch Hunt

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It is not a new concept
Blaming the woman for everything
The queen is the scapegoat
For protecting the king

Dear woman, please don't worry
You are magic, you know it
Don't listen to the voices
Coming out of that patriarchal pit

They are down there for a reason
With time, hopefully, they'll get mute
You pave your own way 
Walk ahead, carve your route

Be bold, be ambitious
Laugh as loud as you want
Enjoy life the way it's meant to be
Don't let the societal whispers haunt

Wear those high heels with pride
Paint your lips the brightest red
Ignore the looks coming your way
What they fear is what they dread

Be fierce, love openly
Man or woman, your choice
Feel free to not seek a partner too
With yourself, learn to rejoice

Celebrate your skin everyday
There is beauty in every shade
Let them talk, bark or try to bite
Of their tall egos, don't be afraid

A confident woman is a witch
That's all they know to say
They'll hunt you for everything you are
Be prepared for it's your turn to play

They think you are the seductress
In whatever battle this seems to be
Show them the warrior you truly are
Hit them hard, sting like a bee

Aim for their heart, let it bleed
They'll always remember your name
They think that they are playing you
But darling, you created the game

Without you, they wouldn't be here
The giver of life, they've forgotten
This goes more deeper than we thought
Vile thoughts, acrid and rotten

In the name of patriarchy
Let the witch hunt continue
From the ashes of our burnt sisters
Will emerge a world brand new


  1. It makes me super angry that women are blamed for everything. It's as if grown men cannot take their Independent decisions. Will this mindset ever change?

  2. Couldn't have said it better even if I tried. Thank You for writing this.

  3. I’m proud to be a woman. Of course, people love to blame women for everything but who cares. This is a beautiful poem, Soumya!

  4. What a rockstar you are - this is just stunning Soumya!! Thank you for writing such a kick ass poem on womaniya XOXO

  5. what a stunning and powerful write. You are a total Queen!! So much energy in your words. We need this.

  6. Truly well versed! It's the truth. Even women don't blink twice before blaming another women. I have unfriended so many!

    1. It is mostly women who aid patriarchy. Can't deny that.

  7. It is quite obvious that women are an easy target . But as you point out we have to stand up and show the witch hunters that we can overcome

    1. Yes, women need to stand up for each other instead of pointing fingers at each other.


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