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Action Replay + Gratitude List: September & October 2020

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I didn't write a single post in October, so you can imagine how busy I have been. Also, didn't August, September and October just swoosh by? I mean March alone felt like 3 whole months, so when months just pass by so quickly it does take some getting used to. September and October was dominated by office work and everything else had to take a step-back. I was working on something that I had never worked on before, in fact no one on my team had worked on it before. It was all about trial and error, days of going through documents, reaching out to people who might have an idea about it and trying not to lose your self-confidence in the process. That's the thing about a new piece of work, right? It is never easy but it is always worth the effort. I'm done with it now and I'm pretty happy with the way it has shaped up. Never giving up and asking for help instead of struggling for days was the key. As Dumbledore says, "Help will always be given to those who ask for it".

Personally, I'm a very confident person, but I'm also the person who speaks up if I don't know something. I do not mind asking for help when I need it. It wasn't taken well initially. Questions were asked and fingers were pointed. Obviously this hit my confidence levels. But, I never gave up. I reached out to people, worked around the clock, had numerous discussions with the people I was working with and together we got it done. Having the right people who work hand in hand with you towards a common goal is so important! I was super blessed to have the right set of people working with me. So, long story short, most of September and October went with me being totally consumed by work. 

Over the past few months, we have been stepping out often with all precautions in place. We've begun eating out, meeting people and going to the gym. I know it is a pandemic and it is going to last for a while, but I think it is about time we adapt to the changes and move on with life. I know people who haven't gotten out of home since the pandemic struck and have been complaining endlessly. Enough! You need to adapt to situations and make the best of what you have. I know it is a scary situation, but life does not stop. As long as you take care of your own safety, I think you should be fine. If you still want to stay at home and not step out at all, please do not complain about it.

The biggest highlight of September was the vacation we took! Yes, we decided to travel amidst the pandemic and decided on a staycation in Coorg. It was the husband's birthday and we decided to make the most of it. We checked in to a wonderful resort in Coorg and stayed put for 4 whole days. The drive was scenic and the weather was simply brilliant! Whatever we needed was available at the resort. We had carried our books and indoor games, so we were all set! There were plantation walks and scenic hikes, so the out-doorsy people in both of us were thrilled and elated! Spending time in a nature and breathing without a mask is something we should never talk for granted again. We also did some yoga with an expert and it felt so good for the soul! We gorged on some delicious Coorg cuisine and I had my share of the famous pandi-curry (pork curry). No holiday is complete without good food! This break was so needed and it was the perfect way to bring in the husband's birthday as well. We're looking to travel again, soon. Not sure about flying yet, but anything by road, seems good for now.

Thanks to the work commitment, everything else was a bit slow. Workouts did not happen much but I continued to eat healthy with occasional indulgences here and there. A balanced diet with portion control is the need of the hour and it seems to be working well for me. That little bit of outdoors did wonders to our body and mind. The work-life balance was slightly tipped towards the former side as the project I'm working on demanded it. Extra hours, late-nights had to be put in. Having an understanding partner made it all seem normal. Anything I couldn't do, he did it. Thanks to this, everything felt like it was on track and I did not feel any guilt. Any extra time I found I tried to read. It took my mind away from work and into another world. When it comes to reading or writing, I'll always go with the former. Hence, no writing happened in October and I think both me and the blog got a good enough break. In these two busy months, I have managed to read a total of 18 books! Wow, I'm proud of myself. Listing them will bombard this post. So just, follow me on Goodreads or my bookstagram page to follow my reading journey.

There was some writing done in September and I'm very happy with the posts I wrote. I have stopped bloghops for a while and decided to only write personal posts. So, I wrote on topics that mattered to me. Something that I have wanted to talk about for a really long time. Honestly, I wanted to stop writing book reviews on the blog as my Bookstagram page and Goodreads page is updated with every book I read, complete with reviews and ratings. Then, I saw that my blog was among the top 23 literary blogs of the country. How can I not do justice to it? So, I'll continue to do a couple of book reviews on the blog every month. My poetry mojo is back too and I'm glad that I'm writing about things that actually matter.

As busy as the past two months were, it did come with huge share of gratitude. Here's what I'm thankful for this September and October:

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~ Work: Takes me high, drops me low and yet keeps me going day after day.

~ Health: I'm so glad my health held up these two months even when I was not eating/sleeping on time. I missed working out regularly and yet my health held up just fine. Taking care of your body helps you in the long run, trust me.

~ Plants: We just discovered a new nursery and got home more plants! We love tending to them and watching them grow. 

~ Books: The only solace from work for the past two months. I read quite some books and they in turn helped restore my sanity.

~ Celebrations: We celebrated the husband's birthday in September and Dusshera in October. We set up the doll display (golu) at my in-laws place ever year and it is such a delight to watch it.

~ Stepping Out: The first time we went to a café since the lockdown felt so unrealistic. Seriously, you do not realize the important of small things unless it is taken away from you. While we have been ordering in since a while, we now have started dining out too. Restaurants are struggling, they need all the help that they can get.

~ Love: I would not have survived these two months without my partner being there. He understood the pressures and demands of my job and helped me sail through it. He ensured that I had my meals on time and that I got adequate rest. Nothing seems too much when you have the right support.

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Ah, I'm so happy to have finally got back to writing. I'll try to stay as consistent as I can now. I have some good posts planned for this month, so do come back for more.

How was your October?


Linking this post to Vidya's Gratitude Circle for this month.


  1. Interesting times, no? Good to hear you've been busy doing all the things you enjoy, Soumya! Happy birthday to your partner. Every special occasion this year is ultra special because we are doing everything differently and that will be memorable, right? Staying grounded is a challenge and it is great to see that you are acing it! I wish you a fabulous November! Thank you so much for being part of the Gratitude Circle. ❤

    1. Thank you my darling, Vidya. I shall convey your wishes to him. Staying grounded is what we all need more of.

      Thank you for being such a fabulous host.

      Much love <3

  2. Loved reading this and how the two months were yours in a lot of ways. You focused on what needed to be focused on and when you had the time, you did what you love (reading) <3
    On the pandemic - VT and I had to step out immediately after the lockdown was lifted for our house and its interiors etc. We have been out since then. Did a pooja, moved and then also had to fly. We take all precautions but what needs to be done, needs to be done.
    When were in Bangalore, VT and I also stepped out for our Sunday dosa breakfasts. So I hear you. The virus is here to stay. We need to take care of ourselves first and when there is a need, step out. I haven't been to Cult yet. I think I will take time on that but I know I will.
    I am loving your IG feed these days. It has shaped up so so well. Congrats on the successful giveaway. I love that all that you do, you do so so well! Keep it up. It's so inspiring.

    You have a lovely November, Soumya. Can't wait to meet you. Been so long! love and hugs!

    1. Yes, I've learnt to let go with time and not take on too much guilt. It is helping big time.

      We need to meet up soon. Come back and message :)

  3. Your work related update about October feels familiar. I'm working on something new and somewhere I'm worried if I'll do justice to it. My confidence levels aren't too high. You know sometimes when you say you don't know but are faced with a kind of judgement. But I'm trying. Will keep trying. It's good that you have the right people around you.

    We also went for a long drive in October for the first time and ate in a restaurant, albeit not air conditioned. It felt good. I was paranoid too but it felt good.

    Reading is what is keeping me sane too and I haven't been able to write much on the blog. But gradually, I suppose.

    Hope you have a wonderful rest of the year, Soumya <3

    1. You will ace it, I'm sure of that <3

      Adapt, Naba. That is the need of the hour now. Eat out, meet people, do things you love. Just take the necessary precautions and you are good :)

      Your reading is my goals :D

      Thank you, Naba. You have a wonderful rest of the year too <3

  4. Congrats on the literary blog badge- thats awesome Soumya. So proud of you woman. And I am glad you will continue writing reviews on the blog because I hate reading the short form of it on instagram. For me Insta is all about the pics and not text - pls dont beat me up now!!!

    Happy happy to L and wow a vacation sounds amazing; I guess driving down is careful enough and if you got to spend time in nature without the mask- then its certainly bliss.

    The way people are out in Gurgaon, its a calamity begging to explode. People are out on the roads, markets and without masks and in crowds with zero distancing. Its getting very scary here with the festive season - there will be a new wave here very soon! I dread being infected because of someone else's stupidity. We are in for a long haul and more than adapting, common sense and caution is needed.

    18 books is just amazing girl - will check out your reads to see which ones I wanna read.

    Hugs and love for a wonderful November ahead Soumya XOXO

    1. Hahaha, your wish is my command! I have posted a book review now :)

      People need to be sensible, sadly most are not. So now is the best time to adapt and do things we love by staying safe. Like you said, we are in this for the long haul.

      Wishing you a fabulous November too, dear Shalz <3

  5. Pandi curry, yummmmm! Been eons since I last had it. Your vacation to Coorg must have been blissful, as I could see in the pictures. I'm just so glad you are feeling healthy and well rested and your plants are adding to your happiness quotient as is the DH.

    May your November and December be sweeter than you expect them to be, darling Soumya.

    Big hugs and big love.
    Stay gorgeous. <3

    1. Blissful indeed! We love being amidst nature and it was so refreshing!

      Wishing you a fabulous November and December too, love!

      Much love! <3

  6. Congrats on finding a position among the top literary blogs, Soumya.
    You managed to have some good times, despite dealing with a demanding project. That's awesome. The little joys of life make everything manageable, don't they. :)
    Wish you a wonderful month ahead!


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