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Happy Place


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We all could do with a break

From this, that and everything in between

Find that peace within yourself

Where you can escape and not be seen

It need not be anything special

Can be between the pages of a book

A cocoon that calms you down

Just for you, a personal nook

It can be a dish to create

Plain ingredients coming together

Creating an aroma of flavors

Perfect for every weather

Solace is often found

In a warm cup of tea

Gazing away to oblivion

Doing nothing as far as the eye can see

Find cheer among the colors

On a canvas or just a sheet

Creativity doesn't need a form or shape

Your inner artist you can meet

Writing is the perfect way to let go

Of everything that has been eating you

Simple words tend to do that 

Erasing the old, making way for new

Find companionship in plants

Tend to them, watch them grow

Get your hands dirty

Through you, feel the energy flow

Spend some time with a pet

The purest form of love there can be

Of wet noses and furry snuggles

Happiness that you can actually see

Pamper yourself the way you want

Leaving behind all the guilt

Celebrate the life you are given

Everything that you have built

Every once in a while

Disappear to this space

Of pure bliss, sanity and magic

The one called your happy place


  1. Brilliant lines. Beauty and solace in tiny moments.

  2. What comforting words Soumya! You seem to have taken all my happy places and put them together in this poem.

  3. Such a lovely poem, Soumya! And so happy place is in front of my laptop and in the company of my winged babies. <3

  4. Beautifully written, Soumya. And so very true! These are indeed happy places for many of us. This poem made me feel happy. Thank you, Soumya.


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