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Diamond In The Sky

Image Source  You are not supposed to do that As women, we often hear That's because if we can do it Everything about us they'll fear They'd rather not give us opportunities Instead of watching us succeed Women are meant to stay behind they say When we know we're born to lead

Life Is What Happens To You...

Image Source  ... when you are busy making other plans. That's one way to put it. The other one would be, Life shows you the middle finger when you are least expecting it. I'm just back from a glorious European vacation. This is the vacation we were supposed to take in 2020 but couldn't, due to Covid. However, it felt more special this year as we were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. When we visited Europe for the first time in 2018, it was our 5th anniversary and we had joked that let's make this a five year thing. Well, it turned out to be that way unintentionally. So, we were all set for our travel. Bags packed, pup dropped off at boarding, day to day itinerary planned, emergency food packed for the vegetarian partner etc. We boarded the flight as expected. This was the first time we were travelling by Air France. Soon we would learn, this would be the last time too.