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Diamond In The Sky

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 You are not supposed to do that

As women, we often hear

That's because if we can do it

Everything about us they'll fear

They'd rather not give us opportunities

Instead of watching us succeed

Women are meant to stay behind they say

When we know we're born to lead

They don't understand equality

Let alone want us to have it

For them to feel powerful

We're expected to be the ignorant bit

Demand credit for what you do

If they don't hear, scream

Don't stop until you have fulfilled it all

The idea that once was a dream

True strength is what forms your core

Be proud of everything that you are

Ambition is not a bad word

Honor it and you'll go far

Everyone will question your approach

They'll have unsavory things to say

Ignore it and march ahead

From today, everyday is your day

Daughter, sister, wife, mother

You can be all this and more

Write a new chapter of your story

Together, we can challenge the lore

When they say you cannot do it

Do it with your head held high

Wear your crown and continue to shine

Like a diamond in the sky


  1. Honor it and you will go far - love this line for Ambition so much in this poem Soumya. The strength and power of this poem is immense and only you could write something like this. Happy to read about flower power in such an encouraging tone.

    1. Thank you, my dear. Something that came out at a point when I was feeling low turned into this.

  2. Wow! That was such a superb, inspiring poem, Soumya!

  3. The kind of words I need to hear whenever I start my day. Ambition isn't a bad thing... and women are doing stellar job in every field. What a powerful piece you have written Soumya

  4. Powerful words! Love this inspiring poem, Soumya. They say you can't do it only because they fear how fabulously you will do it. It's simply the truth.


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