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An Ode To The Others

Image Source This Sunday, there was this interesting article in the paper . Of mothers and others. Just the title made so much sense. I'm not a mother, so I guess I must be the other. The word sounds offensive or not, is a debate for another day. My partner and I did talk about kids while we were dating. We had even thought of names and how we would bring them up. Still, there always was the question if we would feel the need to have one. Once we got married a couple of years later, we were clear that we wanted to be child-free. It was purely a personal choice, something that the both of us have discussed often and this is our decision alone. I don't think anyone else has a say in this. Yes, we do revisit our decision once in a while if some situations or scenarios pop-up and we always end up sticking to our original decision. We've been married for a decade now. We are voluntarily child-free and happy.

Slow Down

Image Source  Pause is an important word It is time to give it its due Learn to slow down intentionally You'll come out feeling new Life is all about a balance At times, it is okay to do nothing Rushing through life with blinders Is often what comes back to sting