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Slow Down

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 Pause is an important word

It is time to give it its due

Learn to slow down intentionally

You'll come out feeling new

Life is all about a balance

At times, it is okay to do nothing

Rushing through life with blinders

Is often what comes back to sting

Allow your body, mind and soul to heal

For once, ignore the daily flow

Do not try to rush the things

That need their time to grow

You deserve those quiet moments

You cannot pour from an empty cup

Slowing down is at times

The best way to speed up

Take one day at a time

Stay on a diet of laughter and rest

Embrace the clarity that comes with it

You'll see, it is for the best

The intention is to pause not stop

Regroup, refocus and trust the process

Multitasking is a joyful myth

One thing at a time, learn to address

You win some and you learn from the others

Every shot you take cannot be an ace

At every moment be wholly present

Life's a journey, not a race


  1. Loved this! That line on "a diet of laughter and rest"... :))
    Yeah... "Slowing down is at times" DEFINITELY "The best way to speed up"! :)
    P.S.- Doing a daily blogging in July @ Do hop over some time!

  2. That is the absolute truth of our life, Soumya...Life's a journey, not a race....and most of us understand it only after we suffer a burnout and realise we need to take it slow.

    1. That's how I learned too, Shilpa. I'm glad I finally did.

  3. Well said Soumya. Slowing down is the best way to speed up - we all need this reminder. Over time I have come to realise how important it is to take mindful breaks. When we do that things stop seeming urgent or even necessary.

    1. You said it, Tulika. When we take a step back, we actually see things more clearly.

  4. Very true! Our life benefits from slowing down intentionally. Life is not a race to finish as quickly as possible. It is to be enjoyed one day at a time. How else can we learn the lessons taught by life of we don't slow down, pause and reflect? Beautifully told, Soumya.

  5. I read this for the first time after I dropped my daughter and husband at the airport 2 weeks ago. My mind was in a different downtime due to a friend's tragedy. For almost two weeks now, I read this a few times including today. Now that I am by myself, this I read to remind myself of how important is the time I've got now. I choose to pause, relax and rejuvenate and also good use of the time I have now. Thanks for sharing this, it's so calming to read your poetry always!


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