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Dos & Don'ts Of Being A Reader

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This is a post that has been in the making for a decade! As an avid reader and a more avid list maker, I note down points about reading with the intention of translating it into a post someday. Better late than never, right?

Books have been an integral part of my life since I introduced myself to it three decades ago. Over the years, I've matured as a reader and as a person thanks to the diverse books that I've read. I've already spoken about the importance of reading before. Today I want to talk about the dos and don'ts of being a reader.


~ Read for the pure joy of it.

~ Read books that intrigue you.

~ Invest time in researching books and genres that you will enjoy.

~ It is not necessary to review every book you read. 

~ Talk about books to fellow book lovers. Understand your crowd. 

~ Take care of your books. They need to be cleaned, dusted and flipped every now and then.

~ Give e-books and audiobooks a genuine try. They take up less space and are good for the planet.

~ Lend books to people who will care for it the way you do. Reusing and borrowing is good for the planet too.

~ Feel free to get lost and consumed by what you read. That is one of the best pleasures of being a reader.

~ Talk about the books you read honestly. Likes and dislikes both.

~ Set aside time for reading on a daily basis.

~ It is totally okay and normal to not understand a few books. Re-read or look up online discussions to understand better.

~ Tag the author on positive reviews and let them know you enjoyed their writing.

~ Have discussions with people who have read the same book. It really is fun and you come across so many different interpretations.

~ Read and let read.


~ Reading is not a competition. Read at your own pace.

~ Do not read books just because it is trending. Such books more often than not aren't worth the hype.

~ Don't judge others for the books they read.

~ Don't bring up books in every conversation. Non-readers might not like it and it is only decent to be respectful.

~ Just because you are a reader, it doesn't mean you have to carry a book everywhere.

~ Don't make everything about reading. You don't always have to use a book or a quote from it as an example. 

~ Don't force your choices on people. Let people read what they want to.

~ You don't have to be a part of every reading challenge or trend.

~ Do not lend books to people who can't care for it.

~ Don't (I cannot stress this enough) give out spoilers while discussing a book. This is a sure shot way of getting killed.

~ You don't have to like every book you read.

~ Do not tag the author on a negative review. Again, decency.

~ Don't compare your reading progress with others.

~ Don't argue with other readers if they don't like the books you loved. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

~ Last but not the least, don't think that you are above others just because you are well read.


  1. Loved it Soumya! Such genuine and heartfelt points which only a true reader will understand. I am so glad you published it.

  2. On point, Soumya. Particularly the don'ts. They seem to be lost on a lot of readers.

  3. These are such valid ones! One I would add to Don'ts is - Do not judge yourself for reading something that others are not reading ;)
    So good to be here after long. Hope you are well, Soumya!

  4. Loved this list — so on point, and some of these, especially the dont’s, are lost on readers these days!


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