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Hand In Hand

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Love sure is magical

Yet it needs to be more than a promise band

You need to surrender to the feeling

Love and trust go hand in hand

Show your love in simple things

Not all gestures need to be grand

Have eyes only for them

Love and loyalty go hand in hand

Love is about being equal

It is not for obey and command

Value each other for everything

Love and respect go hand in hand

Togetherness should be written within

Not like water that washes away the sand

Through good, bad, thick and thin

Love and commitment go hand in hand

Evolve and grow together

On each other's side you always stand

Don't fall for petty disagreements

Love and maturity go hand in hand

Take time to understand each other

Spice one up when the other feels bland

Give and take should be on both sides

Love and patience go hand in hand

Love a lot, but talk more

Discuss every topic on air, water and land

When everything else might seem bleak

Love and conversation go hand in hand

Don't let the drama die down

Let everything not be planned

Leave room for impromptu silliness

Love and madness go hand in hand


  1. I love this... you have expressed all the things we need to maintain a healthy relationship. As we grow older we learn that love is just one aspect of a beautiful and strong relationship. Hope you had a lovely day with your loved one.

  2. Oh my, I LOVE this , Soumya!!! Just the things that help love survive. <3 Beautiful!

  3. Love alone is not love. Beautifully expressed, Soumya. ❤️

  4. Aw, every lovestruck youngster needs to read this - oh even adults. Love cannot endure without patience, commitment and maturity and of course a healthy dose of madness.


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