The Masks We Wear | #WordlessWednesday - 9

Friend's Home, Bangalore - November 2019

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. 

~ Oscar Wilde

Action Replay + Gratitude List: November 2019

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November has been a really peaceful month and I couldn't be more happier. I've had a insanely busy year so far and finally in November I was able to put my feet up and rest for a while. By November first week, I was done with all my official work and it gave me some good free time to focus on my interests and passions. Weirdly, as thrilled as I was to get some time off, I started missing work after a day. I'm someone who is used to being busy all the time. Suddenly, all the free time was making me claustrophobic and I just wanted to get out and do something. I suck at taking breaks from work for his very reason. I have spoken about it before here as well. Still, I managed to hold on to my sanity and kept myself busy by doing things that mattered to me.

Gloria | #ThursdayTreeLove - 7

Home, Bangalore - October 2019

My apartment community has so many trees that I can do a Thursday tree love for every week of the year. Last month while we decided on a road-trip to Goa, we left early in the morning. The sun was just coming up and the sky was tickled in shades of pink and violet. Just as we were exiting our parking lot, I saw this sight. Honestly, I had never noticed this tree until then.

Book Review: The Silent Patient - Alex Michaelides

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Title: The Silent Patient
Author: Alex Michaelides
Publisher: Orion (15 July 2019)
Genre: Crime/Thriller/Mystery
Price: Rs. 342 on Amazon
Pages: 352

Social Media has introduced me to so many books and I cannot be more thankful. While not all books have lived up to the hype, most of them have and that is exactly why I pick up books based on the reviews and recommendations it receives online. I was a mute spectator to all the talk around 'The Silent Patient'. I went through the blurb and found it to be quite common and hence decided to stay away from it. With praise piling on, I couldn't ignore the book anymore. I wanted to read it, even if it disappointed me in the end. Did it? Read on.

#DecBookLove: Calling All Bibliophiles

Everyone here is aware of my love for reading and books. I have written enough posts about my love for books, so I'll not be getting into it again. Last month, I started an Instagram page to showcase my love for books. That page is solely dedicated to books and I share book reviews, book recommendations and just about anything that has to do with books out there. Thanks to that page, I'm finally giving some importance to photography and spend some time and effort in setting up a good layout for the books I want to talk about. I've been getting a lot of appreciation for the pictures and it makes me feel so good. Social media is a nice tool for encouragement and inspiration, if used right.

Broken But Beautiful | #WordlessWednesday - 9

Coorg - December 2016

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong at the broken places.

~ Ernest Hemingway

Book Review: Where The Crawdads Sing - Delia Owens

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Title: Where The Crawdads Sing
Author: Delia Owens
Publisher: Corsair; 01 edition (8 November 2018)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Price: Rs. 299 on Amazon for the Kindle edition
Pages: 379

This was another book that I picked up due to high praise it received all over social media. I had never heard of the author or the book until then. I've been taking such risks quite often these days and my to-be-read pile has surpassed my read pile now. I have no regrets though. I always planned on buying a second book shelf that went from the floor to the ceiling. Looks like I have to get to it soon.