Yes, I'm Strong

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It hasn't been a very good year
I've tried so much to remain strong
Every path I tread carefully
Yet every right turned wrong

Growing Up Right

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields

My parents are buying me the new play station.” Rohan exclaimed in joy.

The exams were just over for the first grade and all the tiny tots were excited about their vacation and what they would do during the holidays.

My father is taking me to Delhi with him. I’ll stay in a big hotel and watch TV all day.” Misha boasted.

My parents have promised to install more games on my iPad.” Justin beamed.

Action Replay: November 2016

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November left me all dazed. With the days passing by so quickly, I'm struggling to stay still and absorb what's happening around me. November started off very well with a vacation in Goa. It was a much needed break and we did come back totally rejuvenated. Vacations are meant to do that aren't they? They take away all your stress and you come back feeling light and fresh to make better memories and do better work. A week after Goa, we left to Mumbai. Yes, for the Coldplay concert. This was my first ever concert! I know that Bangalore has held so many music festivals, but I have never been to any of it. I actually was pissed that the Coldplay concert or the Global Citizen event was not happening in Bangalore. I knew that this had to be my first concert. Although the tickets cost us a kidney and a lung each, we decided to go for it.

Negative Chaos

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I learnt this a long time ago, to stay away from negative people. Earlier, I used to let a lot of people stay rent free on my mind and this used to trouble me a lot. Nothing affects me more than humans and it is a known fact that people continue to be my nemesis. I have met so many people in my life. While some bring joy where ever they go, others can create chaos in the calmest of places. Negative people are of different kinds. Pessimists are not the only negative ones, there are many many more out there.

Book Review: Lessons In Forgetting

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Title: Lessons In Forgetting
Author: Anita Nair
Publisher: Harpercollins (30 January 2010)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction/ Drama
Price: Rs. 308 on Amazon.
Pages: 344

The first and only other book that I have read of Anita Nair is 'Mistress'. A couple of my friends were talking about a particular Indian author whose work was excellent and this turned out to be Anita Nair. Another friend gifted 'Mistress' to me and I started reading it without any expectations just like what I have from most Indian authors. That book turned out to be fabulous and the writing was fantastic. It did have a nice South Indian touch to the story and that was something I could relate to very well. I loved the story and the characterization as well as the complex emotions. I hold 'Mistress' very close to my heart. I did not review it because I was not sure what to write about it. I understood the relationships in the book, but I could not put it into words. So I let it be.

Booked For Life

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This year has been a really great year for me in terms of reading. Since childhood, I have been an avid reader. The first book that I have ever read apart from my school books was a 'Champak'. Every month my dad would get this for us and I would devour it as soon as possible. The tiny book suddenly was the center of my universe and was my first step towards reading. 'Wisdom' also was a magazine that my parents used to subscribe. While I was too young, I found it difficult to read it. It was too "wisdomous" for me. But as I grew up, this book became really important to me. Every book was filled with great stories and soulful poems. But the best part of this book was the quote that was present on every page of the book. I used to steal them for the 'Thought For The Day' at school.

Alter Ego

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I clearly am ripped inside
Through the dual life that I lead
One rules my heart forever
For another, I'll gladly bleed