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Lost & Found

Image Source I haven't been feeling like myself since a while now. A change in my work-life dynamic torpedoed the semblance of normalcy I had created for myself. Everything is good, everything is meaningful. The only thing that I find lacking is time. Yeah, yeah, time management is the "it" word but I am losing myself to it. Today, as I read my last post , it makes me cringe. It feels so much like a rant. I make the points I intended to make, but it reeks of anger, frustration and negativity. I've realized that I shouldn't force myself to write something just because I haven't written something for a while. The result is never pretty. I'm a firm believer that one shouldn't be doing things just for the sake of it, and I seem to have let myself down here. 
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What Women Don't Want - A General Handbook

Image Source A lot has been said and written about what women want, but what about what they don’t want? Interestingly, when searching for references, most results focus on relationships: what women don’t want in a partner, in a man, or what they don’t want men to know. It’s curious, isn’t it? The internet seems to suggest that a woman's desires or aversions are primarily tied to their relationships with men. How about we prove it wrong? A couple of years ago, when my partner and I were vacationing in Singapore, we visited a Chinese temple there. The men in the group visited the prayer hall first to seek blessing of a certain baba, while the women had to wait outside until this was done. Well, it was not without entertainment. A group of women, of all ages, were there to impart knowledge to the women assembled there. We were given chairs to sit down and while they all stood in a make-believe stage. After having the assembled group to guess the ages of the women on stage (I still do

Love With A View

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson Nel and Sam walk hand-in-hand, as Nel is blindfolded. Waiting for the perfect moment, he removes her blindfold. " You brought me to an ice-rink for Valentine's? Really? " Nel looks at Sam with blurry eyes. " Yeah " he beams. " What were you thinking? You know I'm not the adventurous kind. " " We've been together for fifteen years, Nel. I know. " " Then? " " Hear me out. We're here for the view. This is what we're going to do. " He lays out a thick blanket on the side with a picnic basket and two books. " Fine? " he smiles. " The best. " Nel leans forward for a kiss. This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers, 16th Feb 2024 .

Hand In Hand

Image Source Love sure is magical Yet it needs to be more than a promise band You need to surrender to the feeling Love and trust go hand in hand

Why We Need To Stop Romanticizing The Early Bird

Image Source The early bird catches the worm. Well, good for those who like worms. I prefer coffee and over-night oats. Or toast. Or muesli with soy milk. I'm not a morning person and I never will be. That's because I don't want to be one. Until a few years ago, one of my major resolutions was to wake up early. Of all the things I had difficulty in being consistent with , this one topped the list. Probably because I did not see the need in it. Honestly, my days are hugely productive all thanks to my planning and routine. For all you know, trying to wake up early might actually derail this properly working system for me. I haven't been a morning person for close to 4 decades now and I'm totally happy. I'm successful, financially independent, in the best shape and phase of my life, living with the best man and the best pup in the world. I've done this without feeling the need to wake up at 4 or 5 AM.

Sixty Thoughts That Crossed My Mind While Watching RRKPK #NotAMovieReview

Image Source It is no secret that I'm obsessed with Karan Johar. No, not with his sexuality like most of the people who troll him online are. I'm just obsessed with him in general. He has a fantastic sense of humor and a very interesting sense of fashion. Above everything else, he's entertaining to say the least. Unfortunately you cannot say the same about his movies. Well, they are entertaining, but not exactly in the true sense of the word. As I write this I realize that most of my #NotAMovieReview posts have been on his movies. Like this , this and this . Then of course is my infamous chat with the man himself! Can't believe it was five years ago. Once he completes his season 8 of KWK (yes, I continue to watch it), I'll probably invite him for a chat again.

Not An Investment

PHOTO PROMPT © Susan Rouchard " How long are you there for ", Alan's mother yelled on the call. " Not sure, ma. For a while ", Alan said coldly.

Consistent #WOTY2024

Image Source Survive, Simplify, Balance, Nurture - These were the words I chose from 2018 to 2021. The past two years, I did not choose any word. It was not only due to my scanty writing, but I did not feel the need to do so. This year, I want too. Because it is the need of the hour. I'm an organized and planned person. You see all those best selling planners? Well, they are made for people like me. I like to plan each day to the T and I try to ensure that I get all the tasks on the list completed. My work meetings are pretty ad-hoc now, so a lot of things on my list are left undone. They mostly are personal, self-care stuff. While I'm able to do them for a day or two, it falls off the list pretty often. This year, it is imperative that I stay consistent with the things that I want to do. Easier said than done, I know, but I've found putting things in writing to be helpful.

2023 in 23

At the end of the year, when I look back in retrospect, I feel that I haven't done justice to this space. I started last year in high spirits, determined to write regularly and keep the blogging mojo going. I was fairly regular until March and then life took a U-turn. A big risk at work paid off and I was looking at a new role with truckloads of responsibility. It was something I hadn't dabbled in, so it needed all my focus. Everything else automatically took a back seat.  It has been such an experience that I cannot begin to articulate it. It was an emotional roller coaster and in the end I came out a better person. That's all that matters, right?

Dos & Don'ts Of Being A Reader

Image Source This is a post that has been in the making for a decade! As an avid reader and a more avid list maker, I note down points about reading with the intention of translating it into a post someday. Better late than never, right? Books have been an integral part of my life since I introduced myself to it three decades ago. Over the years, I've matured as a reader and as a person thanks to the diverse books that I've read. I've already spoken about the importance of reading before. Today I want to talk about the dos and don'ts of being a reader.