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I had seen 'BLUE' last weekend. And it took me more than a week to come up with words to describe it. The beginning is pretty good. The locales are simply breathtaking. Bahamas is one place I would surely love to visit before I die. They say that an average of 100 crores has been spent on this movie. It shows. The under water scenes are outstanding. This one would have been a blockbuster had it not lacked one thing: Screenplay. There is no story what so ever. I guessed the climax of the movie half an hour after the start. And that automatically makes a movie boring.

The movie could have been really better if atleast the dialogues were in place. In midst of a shooting sequence, Lara blurts out "Goli math chalao, Baat cheet se sab hal hosakta hai". I was like what the f***. Am I watching a movie in the 80's.

The music is actually good, considering the fact that it is Rehman the genius. The starting credit song is simple n nice. 'Aaj dil Ghustakh' is very catchy and shot beautifully. 'Chiggy Whiggy' is good with a super bleached Kylie Minogue. The title track is amazing. Simply superb.

Now coming to the cast, Akshay looks super hot as the notorious, shrewd, eyebrow slashed, baddie businessman. His dressing sense in the movie is super fantastic. Crisp white pants and shirts with colourful jackets and shoes. He makes the clothes look good. Lara oozes oomph in every scene. She's amazingly hot. Her well toned body was well preserved to be first shown in this movie. I feel that she is the best Indian actress who can pull of a bikini with such elan and comfort. Its a pity that much cant be told about her acting skills. She's put in the movie to drag the male crowd and it shows why. She's gorgeous. Sanjay Dutt excels in acting but I don't get why did they have to give him a paunch in the movie. I always thought that he was a fit guy. The movie could have done without Zayed Khan as well. Confused looks behind a helmet is all what he has got to do. Yeah Katrina, is there too. She looks totally out of place and she is out to prove that she cant act to save her life.

The movie lives up to its name though. Its blue all the way. Not all that bad, but doesn't live up to the expectations. Watch it for the beautiful sights and yes Lara of course.


  1. Your blog is veering towards becoming a one stop shop for bollywood gupshup.
    What happened to the soumya I once knew:-)
    Or atleast take it international:-)

  2. hehe... sure i'll take it international after 2012.. The movie I mean :-)..

    And regarding the Soumya, u once knew.. She's changed for good now.. Love seems to be an outdated topic now.. Anything but that now... :-)


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