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No BIG Deal

Has it ever happened that you have craved for something and waited impatiently for it happen, but when it does happen you think its no big a deal. Well, oflate only such things have been happening to me. I donno if something is wrong with me, or this is how it has always been. Its something like birthdays you know. You wait for an entire year for the day to come and when it does its like so what, nothing special. Hmmm kinda gets scary. It sometimes feels like been here done that kinds. So nothing else now has an effect on you.

When you have always wanted something, there should be a joy when you get it right. I did, and it made no difference what so ever. I thought that I'll be jumping up and down, or throwing a party, or shouting out from the roof tops but all I could manage was a "Cool". Hehe... :-). Maybe there are much better things in life.