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Oh!! So Hrithik

Just saw a promo of 'Kites' last night. If it was possible I would just hunt down Hrithik and eat him. Ohhh man.. He's smoking hot. I have always found him sexy right from his 'Kaho na Pyaar hai' days. Later he seemed to lose his charm. Then he came with a bang in 'Dhoom 2'. He's super amazing. The perfect Indian metrosexual male. Ohh man I just cant stop gushing about him. How on earth can any one be soooo goodlooking and be so modest inspite of that. His formal suited look in last months GQ magazine was so so so gorgeous. His pointed chin, extra long nose, super short torso n super long legs. They are so imperfect but that just adds to his perfection. His portrayal of Akbar in 'Jodhaa Akbar' was breathtaking. I have seen the movie thrice already.

But 'Kites' seems to be a entire new story. His look is to die for in that. The perfect cuts in his abs is any woman's dreams and every man's envy. Barbara Mori seems to be having a lot of fun out there. Why wouldn't she. Just look at the pic above. Its soooo cute. I wish I had a pic of mine with my boyfriend like that. Next time I surely will :P.

As of now, Hrithik you rock!! Suzanne sure is one hell of a lucky lady.


  1. Nice post...err i meant pic:-)
    Wonder what suzanne must be thinking:-)

  2. I dont care what she's thinking... She has him..
    Wat more does she need??


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