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Just saw 'Wake up Sid' after work today. After a long time seeing a fresh new story. All the bollywood movies so far has been only mush mush. Minus Kaminey ofcourse. But 'Wake up Sid' has its heart in the right place. Not extremely good, but it feels nice that bollywood is open to change.

In my mind I couldnt figure out anyone else who could play the lazy bum Sid, better than Ranbir. After the casanova act in 'Bachna ae Haseeno', he eats, breathes and drinks the character Sid. I have always felt that he looks very feminine, more so like his mother. Pansy, you can say. But his act in this movie is extreme fun. You can identify yourself with him easily. Konkana is superb. Her eyes speak volumes. She is one of the finest actress we have in our industry. The non sexual love story just warms your heart. Rahul Khanna in his brief role looks hot..!! But I don't understand his need to play the loser. After 'Love aaj kal' this one too.

A special mention has to be made to the characters 'Rishi' and 'Laxmi' who play Sid's best friends. They are amazing. Friends ho toh aisi. I just dint get the need of the hot sexy neighbour played by Kasmera Shah in the script. She has an ugly face and an ugly body. Someone needs to tell her that. Rest of the characters are beautifully etched especially, Anupam Kher who plays Sid's father. His emotions can never be copied. He's simply superb.

All in love a cool refreshing movie. And Ranbir is a great actor, its sad that much cant be said about his looks. But why should that matter. He has Deepika anyway..!!


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