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Yippee..!! :D

First my blog gets selected for Word Press. That was enough to thrill me. Next, my post "Murderer" wins their first contest. The poem I wrote as an answer to someones' accusations has brought me so much accolades and happiness. I'm so thrilled and excited. Awaiting my gift now. My friends are all so proud of me and so am I. Cheers to me..!!


  1. I always stood testimony to your poetry writing skills.Now I have an external agency to back it up:-)
    Congrats! Keep it up!
    Am proud of you!

    okie,now lets talk about how the prize can be split;-)

  2. Just revisited the Murderer post..I did comment on it:-)
    now u know what tilted the scales in your favour;-)

  3. Thanks Aru.. coming from you that a huge compliment.. :-)

    Yeah, maybe ur comments did the trick.. The prize will surely be split now :-)


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