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1st Jan 2010

The New Year started of with a bang! A quiet pleasant eve with parents, luxurious pampering and shopping, coffee with the best of my friends and an extravagant dinner with my family. The day started off at 12 am and ended exactly at 11.59 pm. A full day of superb fun. No sad thoughts, no tears, no frowns. It was all smiles today and hope it lasts the same for the rest of the year. There was onething that I wish hadn't happened, but I cant blame anyone for it. It was my fault and I have to listen to such things for the rest of my life. I know that I cant go back and undo things, so I might as well as face it with a smile. I did, and see I just had the perfect new years day ever in my life :-).

Last year was pathetic and a infinite number of blunders were committed. I'm done with it and that is something for which I will regret the rest of my life. Only thing I ask God is to not remind me of all those things. I regret it and have accepted my mistakes and am willing to bear the punishment as well. That's something I have left behind, and never ever want to be reminded of again. When I know what I'm missing in life, I'm reminded of them instantly. I just don't need anyone rubbing it in deep again and again. It is etched all over me and I live with it every minute. Only I know how much it hurts.

Having said that, the first resolution for this year would be to not be affected by things other people say. Such things affect my health big time and my migraine only needs the smallest of things to get triggered. I need to take care of my health and stay in good shape. I know where I am right now and that's the only thing that matters. I'm in a very happy place and wouldn't want to change anything. I'm done with doing wrong. The last five months of 2009 has been better, cos I realised my wrongs and tried to do only right. I intend to continue this year too. I've grown up now and have had my bitter lesson. Will not make any mistakes, and hence will not give a chance for other people to speak about it. Its all in my hands at the end of the day and I intend to make the best use of it.

The second resolution, I'm totally in love with the color green now. I thronged 16 stores, to finally get the perfect shade of green on a T-shirt. Searching for matching slippers was a herculean task. But considering the amount of patience I have now, I found them at the 12th store I visited. So after taking so much trouble, the second resolution would be to stick on to the color. Atleast for half the year, else that's a waste of a lot of time and a lot of money :-/. I've been a basic black and white person with my closet being color free for the last decade. My friends have tortured me into buying colors. So now I have all the colors of the rainbow but I am supremely fascinated by green of late. Its got nothing to do with Hrithik wearing a sexy green shirt in the John Player's ad :P.

Third, would be to continue to add on to the patience I've gained the last year. I'm at peace within myself and that's what I would give others. Praying has become a form of healing now. If not extremely, I would like to be a bit religious now. That would be the fourth. Quitting non-veg is something I've been considering for quite some years now. But no, that's something close to impossible. I'll try to reduce the intake though. Then comes the usual stuff. Try to save more money, be on time, quit watching too many movies n blah blah blah. I'll try to keep up all of it.

So, the first day ends here and it was an amazing day. Perfect except for a tiny glitch. Near perfect you can say. Thank you God for today and I hope the rest of the 364 days are good as well. Give me good times and I'll thank you. Give me bad times, I'll still thank you. Just give me the courage and strength to get past it. So cheers! to a new year and amazing times ahead.