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Anger Within

More often than not, its the anger within us that destroys us. Its a big bad world out there, we know that. If there is someone responsible for where we are today and what we do, its nobody but us. Life is a mixture of emotions. That's the only way to define life. Joy, happiness, boredom, tears, anger, shyness, love, hate, greed, laziness and so on. Isn't life just a mixture of all these? If not, what else is it?

These may always not be in equal proportions. Some of them may not exist too. Most of us are usually burdened by something or the other. Some of us are traumatised by our childhood, or digging into the past, scared of the future or some of them are simply not happy about their existence. Why? The answer to this lies within yourself.

You're angry at yourself for not mending things at the right time. You're angry that you couldn't revolt back when you had to. You're angry because you have lost something. You're angry because you cant help but think about the mess in your life. You're angry because you feel that you could have done a lot better in life. You're angry because you feel that you have not been a good child to your parents. And a hell lot of reasons more.

This anger dwells and grows inside you. It spreads to all body parts and makes you really weak. You just get so used to it that you don't bother to make things better. They say that only a nail can drive out a nail, so likewise only a habit can break a habit. Choose to be happy and drive the anger out. Else its nearly impossible to live life well. This anger only pulls you down and makes you stagnant. Love yourself. Never compromise on yourself, after all that's all you've got. Choose what you want to do, hell with what others think. Go for what makes you happy, it might have saddened you in the past but if it can make you happy now why not.

Take the crap out of your life. Throw the anger out. Life moves on, it always does. Living life hating yourself is equivalent to killing yourself. Anything that happens, good or bad its only within us. Curb the anger within, and life will seem better.