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Cut Out!

If things were this simple, I wonder what took me so long to do it. Anyway, all's well that ends well. :D. Its rightly said that its only the first step that takes effort. Once you're at it, then it seems so simple that you start feeling foolish for not having done it until now. When some people just don't deserve a place in your life, cut them out.

Some people are just in your life to make you feel worse. Yesterday I called up one of them and gave them a piece of my mind. She wouldn't dare to call me up again. I'm sad that I have lost a good friend, but whats a point in having a friend who makes you feel terrible. As one of my friends say, What kind of friends do I have? I need to think about it now. 2010 would be a filtering year. Filter out all the crap and life will be better I guess.

I bore this for a month or so, I shouldn't have. I kept quiet cos she was a pretty good friend of mine. But when the water goes above the head you cant breathe. There is a limit to patience as well. Done with it now, and I'm feeling really better. Some people honestly don't deserve it.