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Dark Night

I have written poetry about almost everything now. Love, emotion, music, colors, hope, anger and more. This time I wanted to try something different. So here's my first shot at sensuality. I know there is more scope to improve. I will, soon.

In the cold, dark night,
With a speck of moonlight,
You held me in your arms,
And then I felt your warmth.

That night was all miraculous,
And you looked so sensuous,
I could feel your heart beat,
Which completely swept me off my feet.

Your teasing touch,
Sent a chill down my spine,
Your effect was supremely intoxicating,
Like I'd drowned in a bottle of wine.

As you ran your fingers,
Playfully down my hair,
I wanted to get entwined with you,
My everything I wanted to share.

Your hot rapid breath on me,
Made me shiver and shudder,
I wanted to give myself to you,
Yes, I wanted to surrender.

That magnetic smell of yours,
Attracts my body, mind and soul,
With you around me,
I knew I was finally whole.

With your gentle touch,
I feel the electricity in me grow,
And when you hold me tight,
I never want to let you go.

You play havoc,
With the rhythm of my heart,
But when you let me go,
It just tears me apart.

It constantly amazes me,
How perfectly I fit into you,
Its like we're made for each other,
Have you ever felt it too?

I wanted that night,
To last a bit more longer,
Just being so close to you,
Made me feel much stronger.

If only that dark night,
Had lasted forever,
I'd have refused to wake up,
And open my eyes never.


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