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You come without a hint,
Loudly chanting your chimes,
You make your presence felt,
Only at the worst of times.
You don't bother,
To know what I go through,
Somethings get extinct,
But you only wanted to grow.
King Bruce said,
Try, try till you succeed,
But with you around,
Its impossible indeed.
What pleasure do you get,
In watching me cry,
Cant you just stay away,
Atleast, give it a try.
I stood bravely and caved in,
Everytime you appeared,
I smiled and bore it,
Later that too disappeared.
Don't you think,
Its high time you left,
You don't realise,
But you're tearing my life into a cleft.
I did everything,
To keep you away,
Yet, you just jumped in,
Sometimes flying and sometimes in a sway.
You were supposed to bring hope,
Its seriously getting hard for me to cope,
You try to squeeze out all positives,
Leaving the residue of negatives.
I absolutely loathe it,
When you come without reason,
You always have to ruin it for me,
All day long, in any season.
Don't you ever get tired,
Don't you need a break,
I sometimes wish for you to go to sleep,
And that you never awake.
You are disgusting & Ugly,
With a black heart and full of spike,
One look at you,
And I knew what disappointment looked like.