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Fictional Love

Someone asked me, why my poems were all about reality and real love. I was challenged to incorporate fiction in poetry. This is my answer.

The feeling isn't new,
It mesmerises me,
How amazing you look and sound,
Even when your hurting me.
Now, there is someone else,
To comfort me and hold my hand,
Someone who loves me a lot,
And always by me he will stand.
I feel strongly about this,
This time truly and deeply,
He makes me feel different,
And he craves for me constantly.
Nothing's different between you two,
Except that this one loves me,
He understands what love is,
Which in his eyes I can see.
He's calm and composed,
Just as you once were,
He cant make me laugh like you did,
But he surely doesn't make me cry.
Taking your place,
Was tough for him,
He knows, you were the love of my life,
Without whom my life is dim.
He respects me and my past,
His love is something that will last,
He treats me like a woman and a child,
He knows when to be tough and when to be mild.
Maybe he's the one who is made for me,
The one with whom I can spend my life,
He's not the one to hurt me,
Or to stab me with a knife.
If only these things were true,
I'd be in such a happy place,
Unfortunately its all fiction,
And only your love wins the race.
Your place in my heart is not empty,
So no body else can fit into it,
No soul can ever get to that place,
Even if they try bit by bit.
I never feel the need,
For someone else to replace you,
That's surely an impossible task,
I know you know it too.
Why is it so hard,
Why are you imprinted on me,
Why is it, that I cant think beyond you,
Why is that, I still love you?


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