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Noah & North

Had never heard of the author called Darian North. I'm sure most of you would not have too. Now, I am a huge fan of his. Read one of his books called, 'Thief Of Souls'. Amazing indeed. I have read plenty of books by various authors. Sheldon always brought out the best in women. He knew what would sell, and that's exactly what he wrote. I've grown up reading his books and he always will have a special place in my heart. May his soul rest in peace. Danielle Steele, was all about love. Her books were near impossible love stories, and me being a romantic fool, am a sucker for her books. Her latest 'Rogue' was mindblowing.

Archer concentrates more on the backdrop. Like the stock market in 'Not a penny more, not a penny less', or the banking industry in my favourite 'Kane and Abel', or the media in 'The Fourth Estate'. His characters blend in with the backdrop. But the main protagonist always remains the backdrop. That's his style and it actually works. Khalid Hosseini, is a fun writer. Simple and powerful. He can write an entire book on a small topic, friendship, like the 'Kite Runner' or the plight of two women married to the same man in 'A thousand splendid Suns'. His books always has an Islam background. So does the book 'Brick lane' by Monica Ali. The plight of a Muslim/Bangla housewife in London. Extremely touching and best read with a box of tissues.

But Darian North brings out all kinds of emotions in this single book. Be it the agony of a husband whose wife has been sucked into a religious cult, or the lame wife who dreads her childhood, or their innocent daughter who has to go through endless turmoil. Or the extremely powerful Noah. The emotions leap out of every page. I missed the romantic and sexual emotions thanks to a few missing pages :-/.

Its very rare that I fall in love with the characters. After God father, and William Blake of 'Rogue', this time it was Noah, the leader of the religious cult. That man had some charisma that had me drooling over him. I get turned on by power, big time. And he was one hell of a powerful man. Had n number of wives and children. Surprisingly that dint put me off. I just kept getting entwined with him. He stole my soul indeed :-). Honestly, I dint want the book to end. Well it did, but Noah lives on with me. It was an amazing journey for me. Scary as hell and captivating. I wish there were more such books. Time to begin a research.


  1. Movies take away the imagination
    Books bring some imagination
    Missing pages tease your imagination like none other:-)


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