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Parent Trap

Its been driving me crazy for quite sometime now. I don't know what the problem is. Maybe I did not notice such things before or maybe I'm just growing up. Whatever it is, its getting really tough for me to cope up with it. But, when I sit back and think, I know its only for my own good. Parents are always paranoid when its comes to their children. We just have to deal with it. Slowly and patiently. Hurting your parents is nothing but a crime.

I love my parents yes. They are the best parents in the whole world I'm sure. They have supported me endlessly. They have been with me during my temper tantrums, my ill health and even through my recent heartbreak. I guess I have already posted something about that last year. But as the year changed I don't know what went wrong. I'm sure they dint change, it maybe me too. They're finding it really hard to understand me. But I'm trying.

A cup of coffee still costs 10 bucks for them, they still believe that new clothes should be bought only on Birthdays and festivals and they believe that its very easy to put something behind you and walk ahead. I've tried reasoning with them a million times, but they just don't understand. I know parents love their children a lot and only want their good. So do we right. When we totally understand and respect their times, I think they should atleast give it a try.

Thankfully my parents are not the ones to impose rules and restrictions on me. I have no time limits to get back home, or they are not the ones to call me every hour and keep a tab on me. But I have friends, whose parents always do that. The time restrictions for some is 7 p.m. By the time you finish work its already that. Then, where is the time to go for a cup of coffee with friends or to catch up on a movie. For some parents, parties mean only smoke, drink and dope. The music, the ambiance and the friends around only come secondary. A puff of smoke means, 'Oh my god, My son/daughter is addicted to smoking'. Someone spills a drink on you, and they sniff it when you get back home, then God save you.

Its true that the company you keep matters a lot. But just because one of your friend smokes occasionally it doesn't mean your gonna turn into a smoker too. Each one has their own thinking capacity and I have come to believe that someone does something, only if they want to. This is the only thing that parents need to understand. Tell them that the value they have given you will stay with you and that they just have to trust you.

Honestly, parents have nothing against their children enjoying their life. Their only concern is that they don't want to lose you. Just like any other normal being, no one ever wants to lose someone they love.