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Please Forgive Me

If I'm asked,
What love is?
Please forgive me,
If I say its you.

When I think,
How my life looks,
Please forgive me,
I can only see you.

If I could,
Buy happiness,
Please forgive me,
If I put a price on you.

I see you always,
With my eyes closed or open,
Please forgive me,
I cant stop thinking about you.

I'm always asked,
To forget you and move on,
Please forgive me,
I don't know how to do.

Your embedded,
In my body, mind and soul,
Please forgive me,
I cant stop loving you.

40 years later,
When I'm all old and crooked,
Please forgive me,
If I'm still waiting for you.


  1. I'll take back what I said:-) U are the best poetess I know:-)


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