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Sherlock Holmes

Saw 'Sherlock Holmes' over the weekend. Had nothing much to do and that was the only movie in town that I hadn't seen yet, so I went along with my office mates. I have the prized 'Sherlock Holmes - Case Book' proudly displayed on my book shelf. I got it as a gift when I was 10 or 11 years old. I remember devouring the pages. I'm a sucker for mystery and at that age this was indeed "mystery". The adventure of the illustrious client, The adventure of the Thor bridge, The adventure of the creeping man are some of the chapter titles that I can re-collect.

All his stories started of with 'The Adventure of....' or 'The problem of....'. Oh God, why did I ever grow up? I wasn't very interested in watching the movie, until I learnt that Jude Law was playing Dr.Watson. For those who don't know, Sherlock Holmes is the private detective and Dr.Watson is his assistant. Robert Downey Jr, I always thought that he was the 'William' of P.S. I Love you. Turns out he's not!! Man that guy Jeffery Dean Morgan, looks so much like him that throughout the movie I thought it was Downey. Well, lets forget about that. I think Downey now has been typecast (atleast by me) as Holmes. The one part he plays to perfection.

The movie has everything. Drama, suspense, lots of humour, a hint of romance and 2 gorgeous looking men. Do I need more :-). Okay, make that 3. I kinda liked Blackwood too. The story line is really good and the movie ends with the hint of a sequel. Cant wait for that now. Stuck between 2 evils, I sure had a hell of a time, watching this one. In a good way ofcourse!


  1. Stuck between 2 evils:-) Lucky you...I thought u had a Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law on either side of you:-)
    I was missing my Rachel though:-)

  2. I did infact... Now thats enough to keep you happy for a week :-)

    'Your' Rachel eh? You realise that she does that handcuff trick only in movies... :P. Right?

  3. Yeah..only in movies..but if that was in the movies..just imagine in Real life:-)See,i'm already taking on the Pollyanna effect:-)


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