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Survival of the Fittest

Is there anything called as 'Selflessness' left in this world? I don't have anything against selfish people, as long as their greed doesn't harm anyone. But when people try to cheat innocent ones, I totally lose it. Bangalore is no longer the same place it used to be. Auto Drivers loot the hell out off you anyways, but nowadays the same I guess applies to local buses as well. After ages, I decided to travel by a local bus. Since the journey was quite short I thought of taking a bus. As I paid the ticket conductor, she just took the cash and refused to give me the ticket. She's like its a short journey so it doesn't matter. WTF. I fought and got the ticket, but I noticed her secretly praying to god to kill me.

Why, why would anyone want to cheat or hurt someone without any reason. Also, there are many people who have helped me in my life. I totally respect them for it, but it all comes crashing down when day in and day out that person reminds you of it. I have returned the favour by more than what they had done, but still it doesn't stop. Its always yanking at you like some annoying trumpet. I hate it. I absolutely abhor such people. Some people help you and expect a receipt in return. It feels exactly as disgusting as it sounds.

I may not be Mother Teresa or a saint, but when I do help people I never have such a thing in my mind, like what am I gonna get in return. Not lending a helping hand is any day better that lending the hand to grasp the neck. Isn't sympathy or humanity left in this world anymore. I just feel so lost in this big bad world sometimes.

Time and again I've asked my close friends if something is wrong with us or the world. I just don't seem to have the certain 'qualities' that everyone must have in order to be normal and live peacefully. If being notorious and cunning are these qualities, I'm glad I'm not normal. It hurts me to see man hurting man. Honestly, I sometimes feel than we were better of as apes. There was absolutely no need for this evolution crap. See, how the world is now. I'm sure, soon people will be hunting each other inorder to survive. After all, its the survival of the fittest. Isn't it?