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It can make you smile,
Or cry for a long while,
It can be false, or true,
That my friends, is words for you.
They can make or break a life,
Can be soft or may pierce like a knife,
They can leave a void or fill,
Sometimes, words can even kill.
They can soothe and mend,
They can fight and defend,
They can please and praise,
Be it a sentence or a phrase.
They hurt, they play,
Sometimes its merry all the way,
They make you cry at night,
And laugh during the day.
They have a life of their own,
And when they fall on ink,
They can break barriers,
And can make millions think.
Sometimes just a word,
Can light up a fire,
They can give you warmth,
And flare up your desires.
People may be forgotten,
But words can never be,
Feelings can be hidden,
But words you can see.
Love and hate,
The two strongest words,
One shows passion,
And the other only hurts.
One of the hardest things,
Is to have words in your heart,
But you cant get it out,
And let it be a part.
Some words don't make sense,
Until there's someone to give it a meaning,
Love would mean something,
Only if it has a beginning.
Speech is silver,
But silence is gold,
How can it be precious?
If it can never be told.


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