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STATUS - Why Bother?

Some one recently asked me what's my relationship status? I don't put them up on social networking sites. Reason being I don't find the category I belong too. It has single, committed, in a relationship, married, open relationship (whatever that means), open marriage (yikes!, I'm not even going to try to figure this one out) and thanks to Himesh Reshamiya's 'Radio' it has something called as It's complicated too. Thankfully I'm not a part of any of these. I'd belong to something called as 'Single in love'. Hahaha sounds funny, but that's what's my status. Atleast currently. Its been exactly 17 months for today since I've been single. Err... The above category I mentioned actually. 17 months. That's quite long yeah. But I don't pity myself at all. Nor do I think anyone should worry about me. The last thing I want to be pitied about is the fact that I'm single. I survived 17 months being there dint I? Its not a joke

Karthik Calling Karthik

The music was stupendous. The first ever album in which I loved all the songs. They made me groove, made me hum and made me nostalgic. Music ten on ten. Farhan looked amazing in the promos, Deepika looked sexy and the story line seemed interesting. Enough reasons to go watch the movie I guess. Well I just did. And the outcome just blew me away. Unfortunately not in a very nice way. I start my weekend with this? Really? God, I thought things were improving. Well, lets start at the very beginning. A team event was planned, and we all decided to go to this particular movie called 'Karthik calling Karthik'. The whole day I sat at my work station, grooving to its songs. The excitement to watch the movie was just growing. Finally me and my crazy friends made it there. Three fourth of the movie is excellent. Yes, excellent. But the revelation in the climax just crashes the entire thing down. Its the perfect example of taking someone to the top, just to push them down. I had so many ex

Wah! Wah! Javed Saab!

This is the reason why Javed Akhtar is the best lyricist of the nation. Kailash Kher and the new bee Sukanya Purayastha do 100% justice to the words. Kaisi hai ye udhaasi chayee, mere dil, Kaisi geheri hai ye tanhayee, mere dil, Raahon mein, yaadon ki, khamoshi barse, Ankhon mein, jo gum hai, aasu ko tarse, Ye bataa ye kyun hua; Buj gaya, kyun har diya, Hooo jo bhi mila, woh kho gaya, Tujhko pata hai, aisa hi sadaa hota hai, Jaana hi tha woh jo gaya, dil tu akela, Aise kyun bhala rota hai, Bhoole jo hain tujhko ab unko bhool ja tu bhi, Warna mere saath yaadon ke zakhm kha tu bhi, Maan jaaaaa, aye dil mere; Bhool jaaaaa, shikve giley, Hooo tu hi bata aye dil mere, Maine to hamesha tera hi kaha mana hai, Kyun hai mujhe ye gum ghire, Mujhe umar bhar kya bas yahi sazaa paana hai, Sapne bue maine aur dard maine hai kaate, Gaaye geet maine aur paaye maine sanate, Aarzoo nakaam hai, Suni si har shaam hai, Kaisi hai ye udhaasi chahyee, mere dil Kaisi geheri hai ye tanhayee.

Sarcasm Personified!!

There is this group on Facebook called "Sarcasm Society". It cracks me up every morning. I'm very particular when it comes to humour. Sarcastic humour is something that's always funny, no matter what. Again, its only humour as long as the other one is not getting hurt. Else, its just plain simple cruelty. This should be the number one rule in having a sense of humour. Sarcasm Society has one of the best sense of humour. Below are some of the excerpts from the wonderful Sarcasm Society. Life is a sexually transmitted disease. Life is tough, but it's tougher when you're stupid. I am always impressed by how little you know. Condoms aren't completely safe. A friend of mine was wearing one and got hit by a bus. He's immune to having his mind blown. I didn't forget; I am just going to remember later. Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Your parents should have kept the bathwater. It's OK. I am sure you had a goo


One line that struck me the most in 'Breaking Dawn'; " That’s the funny thing about knowing you can’t have something. It makes you desperate ."

Its Bright, and Right

Staring out of the window at 6:am, these thoughts just flooded my mind. I don't know if I have a natural flair for poetry, but surprisingly all seemed to rhyme :-) The sun seems to be shining brighter, The day is warm and tickled with spice; There is this constant smile on my face, And everything suddenly seems so nice. There is this unexpected joy, Something beyond any feeling around; Life seems to be glowing and shining, Like something new has been crowned. Everything is now feeling fresh, The dew on the flowers and the scent; The cheerful humming of the birds, Always wondered what they meant. Feel like I'm surrounded by sparkle, There is a gleam in the eye; Everything around feels so good, I just hope it doesn't end in a lie. Music and melody seeming to mix, Every wrong ready to get fixed; Light is trickling through the gap, Filling every dark area in the map. It almost seems like a fantasy, The happiness that you feel inside; Heart beating to the perfect rhythm, Like e

Life After Reading

'Oliver Twist' was the first "novel" I ever read. That was when I was in class three. That would make me what, like eight years old probably. Of course before that I had my share of Tinkle, Champak and Amar Chitra Katha. It really surprises me as to how reading evolves with time. During primary school we used to get books like, Panchantantra, Snow white and all the other fantasy princesses, Goldilocks, Ugly Duckling and all that. But after class five, I guess they felt that we've grown up and then began the series of 'Famous Five' and the 'Secret Seven'. Hardy Boys followed next, Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie and ofcourse more books by Enid Blyton. At that age, these were the so called "Mystery" novels. How naive were we? I was well read when I entered high school. Since I was in a convent, all we were expected to read were prayer books and the story of the great 'Ann Mary Javouhey', the foundress of 'Sisters of

When I miss you

When I miss you, Like it is most of the while; I look at your pictures, And I cant help but smile. When I miss you, I revisit the places we've been; I can still feel you everywhere, At every place we've seen. When I miss you, I listen to your favourite music; The way that you sang them, Was better than the actual pick. When I miss you, I re-read our conversations; Cards, messages and the sweet nothings, Oh Thank God, for these creations. When I miss you, I lie back with my eyes closed; Thinking of our happy days, And how together we froze. When I miss you, I stare out at the moon; Knowing that you are under it too, The only thing that seems like a boon. When I miss you, I shed out a tear; My heart feels heavy, And I wish that you were near. When I miss you, Sometimes I laugh and taunt; Cos I know you're happy and safe, Nothing more than that I want.

Romance in words

Reality Check

I was never a fan of reality shows. Although I watch some, to pass my time. Not my fault, every single channel is filled with them anyway. Mtv though has totally gone to the dogs. Gone are those days when only music played 24x7 on Mtv. Sigh! I'm pretty sure that there is not a single channel without a reality show. Why don't they come up with a single channel and air all the reality shows on it instead? Some of these shows are ridiculous. You cant believe such things actually happen in real life. 'Raaz Pichle Janam Ka', is the most horrendous show I have ever seen all my life. On the show, people lie down on a rather uncomfortable looking couch and are brainwashed by a psychic and they can magically view their past. The re-construction of the past is unbearable. I don't know what the purpose of the show is. Do they make money, do they stay in the past, I have no idea. I sat through it for 10 minutes and my sister promised to disown me if I dint change the channel :P

Sad Eyes Never LIE

Would you swear, That you'll always be mine? Would you care, To see if I'm fine? Am I in too deep? Have I lost my mind? Where ever I go, Its all you I find. Maybe you were right, Maybe you have all the glory, I just don't want to fight; I'm tired of being sorry. I've trashed myself, I've lost my way; I've got to get to you, That's all I can say. I'm standing in the street, Crying out for you all strewn; No one sees me there, But the silver moon. I know I've crossed and quarreled, For a thousand reasons I know, I need to leave the demons I possess; But I can never watch you go. I remember how you feel, The way you used to be; I'm chocking on my words, But can you hear me? You know I've got this feeling, That I just cant hide, I wish I was all you need, And you'll soon find me beside. I've been through the moment, When my heart was broken; You are inside and around me, Yet you left me all shaken. Could I hold you for a lifetime? Cou

Twenty Something

An email forward.. It had to be here.. It is when you stop going along with the crowd and start realizing that there are many things about yourself that you didn't know and may not like. You start feeling insecure and wonder where you will be in a year or two, but then get scared because you barely know where you are now. You start realizing that people are selfish and that, maybe, those friends that you thought you were so close to aren't exactly the greatest people you have ever met, and the people you have lost touch with are some of the most important ones. What you don't recognize is that they are realizing that too, and aren't really cold, catty, mean or insincere, but that they are as confused as you. You look at wat ur studyin or ur job... and it is not even close to what you thought you would be doing, or maybe you are looking for a job and realizing that you are going to have to start at the bottom and that scares you. Your opinions have gotten stronger. You s

Twilight Fever

I'm the latest one to have been bitten by the 'Twilight' bug. Honestly, I hate fantasy novels. That's why I haven't read 'The lord of the rings' series and the 'Harry Potter' series which my friends hate me for. They can endlessly discuss Potter and his antics while all I can do is sulk and roll my eyes. Magic, spells and flying brooms is definitely too hard to digest for a practical fool like me. Even though I have those books as a part of my collection, I'd never read it. The feeling was the same when the 'Twilight' fever started. Vampire's and werewolves? I had never given a second thought to them. Probably the last reel life person I had a crush on was John after 'Jism'. After that I got into a relationship and there were no need for crushes anymore. Even reel life crushes dint happen. The effect seems to continue. My friends kept drooling over this guy, Robert Pattinson and I thought he looked like a girl at first. Then I

Feb 14th

So finally its here. 'Valentines' Day', the day of love. The second consecutive year where I'm single on the V-day. I know there needs to be no day to celebrate your love. When I was with my man, everday was Valentines' for me. The romance and passion lit up everyday and we dint wait for any particular day to celebrate the love we shared. Feb 15th would be much more memorable for us actually. Yeah,we did follow the norm and celebrated the day, for every year we have been together. It kinda got funny at times. I remember that on our second V-day together, we had gone to this coffee house, where every thing they served had the 'love' theme. We ordered this high funda coffee and chocolate drink, which looked and sound yummy on the menu. But when it finally got to us, it had 2 straws joined together in the middle with a heart. The sight of it had us laughing. The worst part was that it was really hard to get the drink out of the straw. I guess the idea was to ha

No Smoking

This hilarious board I came across as a part of the Anti-Smoking campaign. "If God intended smoke to come out of your nose as in a chimney, he would have turned it the other way round" ROFL. :D


I always thought you loved me, Never thought that would turn to hate; I love you more than you think, I see you only as my soul mate. I always thought you'll never leave, Leaving me all high and dry; You were the sparkle of my smile, So tell me now, why shouldn't I cry? I always thought I had you forever, That thing is far from being true; As times changed, so did you, While I remain all lost and blue. I always thought you were happy with me, I gave you everything on my side; Do you honestly think I deserve this? Comeon, atleast now confide. I always thought you're all about love, Never once I thought that you could hurt; Your doings sometimes sting me hard, And so does your words that are so curt. I always thought we're gonna last forever, Not once did this cross my mind; You were amazing, I do admit, The best that I could ever find. I always thought, you owned me, You still do in a very obvious way; You're all over my body, mind and soul, That's why I just can


The name is Khan, Shahrukh Khan. Khan indeed. Ohh man, I just cant stop gushing about him. Finally I watched the must awaited movie on the first day itself. Getting the tickets was another huge task. But this time I was prepared, I had booked the tickets on Monday :-). That's why despite the bump on my head and not feeling my face, I still went to watch the movie. What happened to me, we'll come back to that later. 'My name is KHAN' belongs to one single person, Khan himself. Shahrukh at the age of 44 still gets me weak in the knees at times. But today all I wanted was to stand and applaud the man, who has been my top favourite since 16 years. He forms the heart and soul of the movie. Rizvan Khan, the muslim suffering from Asperger's Syndrome. Asperger's syndrome is a type of autism which reduces the social interaction abilities. Khan in the movie, cannot interact with people easily, cannot bear loud noise, has no emotions, doesn't empathise with people and

Him & Again

With blurred visions, I reached for his hand; But when it cleared I saw, That all alone I stand. He taught me to love, More that what my heart could contain; Then why doesn't he now, Teach me to love again. My heart struggles to beat, I feel suffocated all around; I want to call out and stop him, But I'm frozen and cant make a sound. When he left, He took my best part away; I forgot to bloom, And he left me to decay. He meant a little too much for me, While I meant a little too less; It was him I always thought of, I'm crazy about him, I confess. My biggest nightmare, Was the thought of losing him; But now when its reality, Life is misery filled to the brim. Love and happiness, We're just words until he came along; He taught me what they meant, And made me to him belong. I force myself to smile, Its tough, but I don't complain; But suddenly his thought flashes, And then comes, the pain again.

6:00 am

After years, I witnessed the 6:am sun. Thanks to my friends, who dragged me off my bed at 6. We were having a pajama party before Pree leaves to Australia on Wednesday. The entire night we chatted non-stop. The usual scene where you put in five crazy, highly talkative girls under a single roof. The party was great, and after endless hours of discussions on various topics ranging from shampoos, clothes, boys and family planning we finally collapsed around 4:am. We were obviously tired from the non-stop chattering and the crazy photo sessions. We all had our respective jobs to attend that day and so we reluctantly woke up by 6 hoping to make it to work by 9 atleast . We had to get back to our places and get ready. It would take time obviously. I'm so not an early morning person, unlike some of my friends who wake up around 4 or 5 to read blogs :-). Morning would mean 8:00 am for me. But today I was dragged out of my bed and put on a bike. I don't even remember getting out of my


You know life is good, When you wake up with a smile; If felt real good, It had been quite a while. Its kinda surprising, How a tiny sms can cheer you up, Can lift your spirits, Like being licked by a pup. Life is wonderful, Filled with great friends; Some make me smile throughout, While the others defend. A day out with my girls, Keeps me cheered for a long time; This is the best kinda fun you can have, Where every laugh seems like a chime. Its definitely true, Every ending has a beginning; There need to be up's and down's, For life to have a meaning. When you are lost, Or feel lonely in a mass; Just chant to yourself, That this too shall pass. Life is a gift, The best you can get; Things will get better, Only if you let. Here I stand, All tall and strong; I may be a tiny part of the world, But still I do belong! I strongly believe, Life is a matter of choice; Either you choose to suffer, Or make merry and rejoice, Hope and Faith always pays, Never try to give up and run; For


There still is love, there is the care, Something still is there, that we'll always share; There are the feelings that we cant spare, Yet you pretend, that I'm not there. I see it in your eyes, No matter how much you deny; The emotions you show, is only the gist, Yet you pretend, I don't exist. I still remember when we walked together, Your concerned fingers trailing my hips, The warmth of your hug, and the sweet kiss, Yet you pretend, you've never tasted my lips. Since the day you left, I haven't been the same, I have nearly gone, crazy and insane, Yet you pretend, like this is all a game. I loved you so deeply, I wanted to be your wife, I feel I've been stabbed with a knife, Yet you pretend, I was never in your life. I can never get over you, That face I can never forget, The days we spent, the times we shared, Yet you pretend, like you never cared. Years have passed, tears are dry, Yet sometimes I still do cry, It doesn't stop, no matter how much I try, Y


You may have thought I didn't see, Or that I hadn't heard, The love that you taught me, But I got every word. Perhaps you thought I missed it all, And that we'd grown apart, But, I picked up everything, For it's all written on my heart. Life seemed beautiful, Everything I wanted was true, If I know what love is, Darling its because of you. Without you, love, I wouldn't be, The woman I am today, The way that you made me feel, No one can take that away. Things may not have worked, The way we wanted it to, Still there are no reasons enough, For me to stop loving you. You may have changed, But my feelings refuse to do, They still are strong, Just the way I want it to. It wasn't a mistake loving you, And I'm very glad that I did, No, I cant let it go, Goodbye I can never bid.