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6:00 am

After years, I witnessed the 6:am sun. Thanks to my friends, who dragged me off my bed at 6. We were having a pajama party before Pree leaves to Australia on Wednesday. The entire night we chatted non-stop. The usual scene where you put in five crazy, highly talkative girls under a single roof. The party was great, and after endless hours of discussions on various topics ranging from shampoos, clothes, boys and family planning we finally collapsed around 4:am. We were obviously tired from the non-stop chattering and the crazy photo sessions.

We all had our respective jobs to attend that day and so we reluctantly woke up by 6 hoping to make it to work by 9 atleast. We had to get back to our places and get ready. It would take time obviously. I'm so not an early morning person, unlike some of my friends who wake up around 4 or 5 to read blogs :-). Morning would mean 8:00 am for me. But today I was dragged out of my bed and put on a bike. I don't even remember getting out of my night suit and getting into my jeans. Shame on me. There was hardly any light outside, but the weather was super cold. Thankfully I had my trusted jacket. But my poor Swetha, the rider, had no warm clothes on. Me being the delicate darling of my group couldn't give away my jacket either.

The ride was excellent. The feeling of the fresh air blowing your hair and the faint trace of sunlight coming in was amazing. After years I have witnessed this sight. It was awesome. Bangalore has the most amazing weather in the world. Its a different story that I had a migraine attack due to lack of sleep and the stupid paneer I had for dinner. Had to skip work which would have doubled in size when I get back tomorrow. I guess I'm done with my 6:am sights for quite a while now.