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Him & Again

With blurred visions,
I reached for his hand;
But when it cleared I saw,
That all alone I stand.

He taught me to love,
More that what my heart could contain;
Then why doesn't he now,
Teach me to love again.

My heart struggles to beat,
I feel suffocated all around;
I want to call out and stop him,
But I'm frozen and cant make a sound.

When he left,
He took my best part away;
I forgot to bloom,
And he left me to decay.

He meant a little too much for me,
While I meant a little too less;
It was him I always thought of,
I'm crazy about him, I confess.

My biggest nightmare,
Was the thought of losing him;
But now when its reality,
Life is misery filled to the brim.

Love and happiness,
We're just words until he came along;
He taught me what they meant,
And made me to him belong.

I force myself to smile,
Its tough, but I don't complain;
But suddenly his thought flashes,
And then comes, the pain again.


  1. i [distinctly] remember you mentioning that this blog wasnt all about just, love. well, it isnt; but its about what comes with it also - the pain, anguish, post-break up lonliness & what ever else.

    I confess. I visited your blog, long before you did mine [dont know how many times], but I never knew if commenting on the posts was, er, [what was the word you used] appropriate? :)

    Nice write, btw.

  2. Good comments are always appropriate.. :)

    You're probably the only one who has understood, when I said my blog is much more beyond love.. I guess very few people get that..

    Ur free to visit my blog now, and yeah comments are welcome :)


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