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You know life is good,
When you wake up with a smile;
If felt real good,
It had been quite a while.

Its kinda surprising,
How a tiny sms can cheer you up,
Can lift your spirits,
Like being licked by a pup.

Life is wonderful,
Filled with great friends;
Some make me smile throughout,
While the others defend.

A day out with my girls,
Keeps me cheered for a long time;
This is the best kinda fun you can have,
Where every laugh seems like a chime.

Its definitely true,
Every ending has a beginning;
There need to be up's and down's,
For life to have a meaning.

When you are lost,
Or feel lonely in a mass;
Just chant to yourself,
That this too shall pass.

Life is a gift,
The best you can get;
Things will get better,
Only if you let.

Here I stand,
All tall and strong;
I may be a tiny part of the world,
But still I do belong!

I strongly believe,
Life is a matter of choice;
Either you choose to suffer,
Or make merry and rejoice,

Hope and Faith always pays,
Never try to give up and run;
For there is a God above watching you,
And everyone has their day in the sun.

I know I can have all I want,
But somehow I'm not ready yet;
When I am, I'm gonna rock,
Its only gonna be fun you bet!

Life is sometimes tragic,
And sometimes almost magic,
Sometimes it gets awful,
But still, Life is beautiful.


  1. feeling Life is beautiful,already:-)
    and ur last stanza,is just perfect!

  2. Thanks Aru, Life has been beautiful since the day I wrote it.. The last stanza was the perfect way to describe my life.. Tragic and Magic.. its always been extremes for me.. However no complaints.. Life is indeed beautiful.. :-)

  3. Oh this ones simply brilliant :)
    and today was one of those days which started with a sweet lil sms thats still got me going... Brilliant work girl!!

  4. Oh yeah i know from whom..!! :P.

    Thanks so much girl.!! We need such doses everyday.. Especially after.. u know what....


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