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Sad Eyes Never LIE

Would you swear,
That you'll always be mine?
Would you care,
To see if I'm fine?

Am I in too deep?
Have I lost my mind?
Where ever I go,
Its all you I find.

Maybe you were right,
Maybe you have all the glory,
I just don't want to fight;
I'm tired of being sorry.

I've trashed myself,
I've lost my way;
I've got to get to you,
That's all I can say.

I'm standing in the street,
Crying out for you all strewn;
No one sees me there,
But the silver moon.

I know I've crossed and quarreled,
For a thousand reasons I know,
I need to leave the demons I possess;
But I can never watch you go.

I remember how you feel,
The way you used to be;
I'm chocking on my words,
But can you hear me?

You know I've got this feeling,
That I just cant hide,
I wish I was all you need,
And you'll soon find me beside.

I've been through the moment,
When my heart was broken;
You are inside and around me,
Yet you left me all shaken.

Could I hold you for a lifetime?
Could I look into your eyes?
Could I have you close beside me?
Oh this would feel so nice.

I have always loved you,
There's never been anyone else;
How could that be possible,
I knew you, before I knew myself.

As years pass by, and so the days,
And though we go separate ways;
I never stopped dreaming of you,
Maybe one day they may just come true.

If you feel like leaving,
I'm not the one to make you stay;
But I know pretty soon,
You'll be walking this way.

You say you're happy,
And you agree that's a fact;
Go ahead honey,
I surely don't mind the act.

Our eyes that once met,
Will go on till we die;
No matter how much we try,
But sad eyes never lie.