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Feb 14th

So finally its here. 'Valentines' Day', the day of love. The second consecutive year where I'm single on the V-day. I know there needs to be no day to celebrate your love. When I was with my man, everday was Valentines' for me. The romance and passion lit up everyday and we dint wait for any particular day to celebrate the love we shared. Feb 15th would be much more memorable for us actually. Yeah,we did follow the norm and celebrated the day, for every year we have been together. It kinda got funny at times. I remember that on our second V-day together, we had gone to this coffee house, where every thing they served had the 'love' theme. We ordered this high funda coffee and chocolate drink, which looked and sound yummy on the menu. But when it finally got to us, it had 2 straws joined together in the middle with a heart. The sight of it had us laughing. The worst part was that it was really hard to get the drink out of the straw. I guess the idea was to have both the partners to pull out the drink together. Even though, we were head over heels in love, we were not the ones who believed in public displays of affection or PDA as it is called. We had to spoon out the entire drink to have it :D. That was one hell of a day for us.

Fast forward 3 years later. I'm at home and am celebrating the day with my laptop instead. I would be lying if I said, it dint hurt that I was alone today. It does. But not all people think the same and I respect his decision. I'm happy the way I am. Some thoughts and memories are enough to live a lifetime. Probably if I never had celebrated it before it wouldn't have mattered. But when I think about it, I realise that its entirely my choice. I choose to be single and so I am. For me being alone or with friends on that day, is more better than celebrating it with someone whom you don't love just for the heck of it. I am not the one to do such things just for cheap thrills. Love is a serious issue with me and it stays that way.

Having a partner is a really important. Having someone to share everything with. Having someone to stand by you always. To laugh, to cry and to celebrate love and life. Not just to feel better on a particular day in Feb. Honestly, for most people I know having a boyfriend/girlfriend is nothing but an accomplishment. A prized trophy that they want to proudly display to the world. They share love or not, they are happy with the arm candy. Compatibility and comfort are alienated concepts for them. Its gets annoying and honestly I pity such people. They will never know how wonderful love actually feels. The very thought of actually belonging to someone is an amazing feeling. Some people never get that.

So to all the love birds out there, 'Happy Valentines' Day' guys. May you all have many more such days together. And to all those singletons, cheer up people. Trust me, you're not losing anything.