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I always thought you loved me,
Never thought that would turn to hate;
I love you more than you think,
I see you only as my soul mate.

I always thought you'll never leave,
Leaving me all high and dry;
You were the sparkle of my smile,
So tell me now, why shouldn't I cry?

I always thought I had you forever,
That thing is far from being true;
As times changed, so did you,
While I remain all lost and blue.

I always thought you were happy with me,
I gave you everything on my side;
Do you honestly think I deserve this?
Comeon, atleast now confide.

I always thought you're all about love,
Never once I thought that you could hurt;
Your doings sometimes sting me hard,
And so does your words that are so curt.

I always thought we're gonna last forever,
Not once did this cross my mind;
You were amazing, I do admit,
The best that I could ever find.

I always thought, you owned me,
You still do in a very obvious way;
You're all over my body, mind and soul,
That's why I just cant get away.


  1. hey gal... most of the times what we think is never is too short to sit and ponder over what went wrong and cry.. there are many more reasons to be happy :)

  2. Hehehe dont you worry Priya.. Who better than you can know how happy I am now-a-days.. :-)

    No regrets, and I'm not sitting and pondering over anythin.. Poetry is just a thought of the mind.. Nothing else.. But the words come straight from the heart.. I'm all smiles and happy.. Dont you worry.. :-)


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