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Twilight Fever

I'm the latest one to have been bitten by the 'Twilight' bug. Honestly, I hate fantasy novels. That's why I haven't read 'The lord of the rings' series and the 'Harry Potter' series which my friends hate me for. They can endlessly discuss Potter and his antics while all I can do is sulk and roll my eyes. Magic, spells and flying brooms is definitely too hard to digest for a practical fool like me. Even though I have those books as a part of my collection, I'd never read it.

The feeling was the same when the 'Twilight' fever started. Vampire's and werewolves? I had never given a second thought to them. Probably the last reel life person I had a crush on was John after 'Jism'. After that I got into a relationship and there were no need for crushes anymore. Even reel life crushes dint happen. The effect seems to continue. My friends kept drooling over this guy, Robert Pattinson and I thought he looked like a girl at first. Then I thought he looked super pansy. But after I read the book and then saw the movie, I was like Woooo... He's great yes!

After much nagging from loads of friends, I decided to start reading 'Twilight'. More because I wanted something mushy after some supremely disturbing novels I'd read. Like, Nineteen Minutes and Thief of Souls. I thought its gonna be like the Mills & Boon crap I read in school. Once upon a time..... and they lived happily ever after kinds. I'm not the one to believe in such crap anymore. I started half heartedly but after the first 2 chapters I was into it. I finished the first book in 4 days, the second in half the time and am on the third one currently. Bella, is someone whom I can easily identify myself with. Clumsy and lost, and irrevocably in love with the wrong person. Is it just us or every girl is like that? Anyways, that's what psychology is for.

Love stories are usually boring. Minus, Twilight series and ofcourse, P.S I love you. Oh man, that book was amazing and the only movie that I feel has done justice to the book. The 'Twilight' movies, even though they don't do justice to the book they keep you hooked. The only problem I had was that I saw the first movie and then started the second book. By then the characters had a life of their own. My imagination was lost. Robert Pattinson, even though he looks gorgeous, I feel he would have looked much better if he was a girl. Pale, fair rather white skined with blood red lips and a sleek frame. Looks cute, but again not much of my type. Taylor Lautner aka Jacob on the other hand, woooo.. Hot!! The first movie I hated him as he looked huge and burly with that long hair. When he crops it up and gets the eight pack in the second movie, I honestly wished that werewolves did exist. He's beautiful as Bella herself says.

Another character that I love would be Alice. The sweet, future seeing Vampire. After Jacob she is the only one who does justice to her character in the movie. My imagination of her was perfect. Rosalie disappoints and Jasper couldn't look more gay. Emmet and Carlilse are perfect, even though Carlilse could do with lesser bleach. Esme and Charlie are just like how they are in the book. But Jacob gets my vote here. He oozes blood into the character and is perfect. I kinda like his square shape jaw. His only imperfection which makes him Oh so perfect. Yeah, I've always had different kinda choices when it comes to men. Its the whole package that matters and not just face value. I stick on to it. My friends drool over Robert Pattinson. I did too after Twilight. But after 'New Moon', it was Taylor Lautner all the way. Rule Jacob rule.