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STATUS - Why Bother?

Some one recently asked me what's my relationship status? I don't put them up on social networking sites. Reason being I don't find the category I belong too. It has single, committed, in a relationship, married, open relationship (whatever that means), open marriage (yikes!, I'm not even going to try to figure this one out) and thanks to Himesh Reshamiya's 'Radio' it has something called as It's complicated too. Thankfully I'm not a part of any of these. I'd belong to something called as 'Single in love'. Hahaha sounds funny, but that's what's my status. Atleast currently.

Its been exactly 17 months for today since I've been single. Err... The above category I mentioned actually. 17 months. That's quite long yeah. But I don't pity myself at all. Nor do I think anyone should worry about me. The last thing I want to be pitied about is the fact that I'm single. I survived 17 months being there dint I? Its not a joke, to find someone and settle down. Not a game or not an easy accomplishment. Does love even come into picture? Or you just keep bothering about what the others are thinking? I'm sorry but I'm not bothered about these things. I'd rather stay single all my life than end up with a wrong guy or with someone I don't love. I have great friends yes, they have supported me in every aspect of my life. I can proudly say that I have more than enough people in my life whom I can count on, at any given point of time on any day. Yet, a few people think that I have no one to go to when I'm upset? WTF. Is a boyfriend/girlfriend everything? That without him/her you have no one to turn too. If people think like that its a pity. They need to get a life.

I'm in whatever category I am because I choose to be here. I'm in love with someone. He's with me or not doesn't make a difference. My feeling stays. I have great friends. Girls, who can cheer me up anytime any day. Gossip, shopping, chick flicks I have all of these. I have guy friends who show me the other side of life. But they all know where I stand. They bring out the tom boy in me and we have loads of fun. I know that a guy and a girl can never be just friends. Maybe you can be friends. But can never be the closest and thickest of friends. Some where or the other the feelings change and expectations creep up. But when you are clear about where you are, and know where to draw the line I don't see why not. Almost all of my guy friends have acted cranky at some point or the other. But they know that I have someone etched in my mind. Some understand that and are content being 'Just friends'. Some cant take it and walk away. It hurts to lose a friend, but what I feel matters the most to me. The only thing about which I am extremely selfish. If they were good friends they would understand me. Else, they are free to do what ever they want.

Flaunting a partner is so not what I would do. Its an entirely different feeling to be in a relationship. The love, the time spent together, the feeling of belonging to someone, the responsibilities and everything is amazing. I'd be lying if I say I don't miss any of this. Like hell I do. But this is not namesake for me. I'm not in a place to think of all these now. They day I fall out of love, I'd be truly single. Then I'll think about what has to be done further. Till then I think people should just mind their own businesses and let me be. One of my friend says that I may not have these options later. Huh? Who cares. I don't want these options now, and I don't see why I would want them later. I'm tired of being asked about my status or being pitied for where I am right now. Where ever I am, I am happy. Its my choice. Doesn't that count at all?


  1. Just dont mind..what other ppl are saying..shouldnt get affected by silly things...
    Being in a relationship is not a measure of a persons worth.Nearly everyone could be in a relationship if they are willing to tolerate abuse,neglect and immaturity.Finding a suitable partner is the more difficult task.People who think otherwise,need to get a life as you rightly said.
    and yeah,u need to be selfish as far as matters of the heart are concerned.Its far better to know what you want and be single as long as it takes, rather than be in half minds and leave a trail of fill in the blanks and bad memories:-)I admire you for that.

  2. Hahaha fill in the blank indeed :D

    Its tough not to get affected when you get it from someone who has been so close to you.. Will try though.. Thanks :-)


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