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When I miss you

When I miss you,
Like it is most of the while;
I look at your pictures,
And I cant help but smile.
When I miss you,
I revisit the places we've been;
I can still feel you everywhere,
At every place we've seen.

When I miss you,
I listen to your favourite music;
The way that you sang them,
Was better than the actual pick.
When I miss you,
I re-read our conversations;
Cards, messages and the sweet nothings,
Oh Thank God, for these creations.

When I miss you,
I lie back with my eyes closed;
Thinking of our happy days,
And how together we froze.
When I miss you,
I stare out at the moon;
Knowing that you are under it too,
The only thing that seems like a boon.

When I miss you,
I shed out a tear;
My heart feels heavy,
And I wish that you were near.
When I miss you,
Sometimes I laugh and taunt;
Cos I know you're happy and safe,
Nothing more than that I want.