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The Beat

There is something about the above picture. I first saw it on some group on Facebook. I just remember sitting and staring at this picture for a long time. It gives me a weird kind of satisfaction. I don't know what the picture is supposed to mean, but for me it means two people tied together in love forever. Together they rise, together they soar, someday they may even fall. But, together. The way the bright red heart stands out against the pale back ground clearly tells that yes, love is the most important thing in the world.

The way the guy has held the girl, the look in her eyes, him kissing her shoulder and together they are tightly bound by love. If I had seen this like a month or two ago, I probably would have cried. But today, I can only smile looking at it. Feels real good. Why I said above that this picture brings me a weird kind of satisfaction is that I know I have had more than my share of such moments. Probably much much better than this. Its a different thing that it dint last forever, but while it lasted I lived every single moment of it. It all out there in the back of my head and I can re-live it with every heart beat of mine.

This picture brought back memories that I had locked away somewhere. I thought reopening them would make me feel miserable. No, it doesn't. As I said, everything in life just needs a little getting used to. I feel nice, really nice. And I just cant stop smiling. Those moments, the feelings, the aura, the scent and the beat of one's heart synchronising with the other. I have lived through all of it. So hell yeah, I have no complains. Although there is a high, actually very high possibility that these things can never happen again, So what? I don't regret it. One life to live and I have lived my share of love. If its destined, I'll get to re-live it again.


  1. well, some say 'Sic transit gloria mundi', while others go, 'Life is just a bowl of cherries'!! I'm thinking we should always chase the cherries? Also, this piece bespeaks [or so I think] of an overwhelming sense of !! :)

    And the 'face' of your blog has changed quite dramatically. But, what's with the 'Blogs I Read' - you actually have mine included in it cos last time I checked, there was actually nothing to read in there!! :D

  2. Oh darn, i meant - Also, this piece bespeaks [or so I think] of an overwhelming sense of Optimism!! :)

    i 'Cut' that word out hehe..sarry!

  3. Haha I am smart enough to get that :P. Overwhelming yeah :) Feeling all overwhelmed after seeing that damned pic.. Optimistic or not, not too sure.. You never know how life goes. I prefer a box of chocolates instead of the cherries though.. Forrest Gump just stays in your mind :) and life sounds much better then..

    Yeah it was time for a change from dark to bright.. Oh, I have your blog included eh? I guess random blogs just come in by default :P

  4. for a moment there, I thought you weren't! :P ahh yes, box of chocos sounds yummily better!

    that is weird cos i don't remember asking my blog to enter the lioness territory! bleh! :P TC now.

  5. You thought I weren't?? Oh boy, that's underestimating the lioness :P

    Oh yeah, I need to fence my territory now... Grrr!! :P, Cya!


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