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The Change

You know it feels really good when you wake up with a smile on your face. Its a clear indication that the night was good and free of nightmares. I fall asleep these days listening to hours of music. I wake up with the ear phones still plugged into my ear and sometimes my hair, with the wired mark across my face. My ipod's not a week old, yet it now has scratches in all possible places. So much for the love of music eh! But its a small price to pay when you have Enrique and Edward Maya singing you to sleep :-).

Living in black and white was good. Atleast its a clear cut out life. But now, I feel that colours are not that bad. There needs to be a change to feel the difference. Well, I'm starting with my blog now, lets see how far this goes. Change is good, very good infact.

- Wanna feel good? Change your wardrobe or go buy atleast 2 new pairs of shoes.
- Feeling nerdy? Change the order of the books on the shelf (for the millionth time).
- Feeling geeky? Change your antivirus on your laptop (that's the max geeky I can get).
- Feeling moody? Change the neutral numbers and turn on some hard rock music.
- Feel like experimenting? Change the pasta recipe and add in some turmeric and garam masala (Well honestly, don't!).
- Feeling silly? Shed the inhibitions and go watch a rom com.
- Feeling girly? Change the usual black or white tee and go for a pink knit with matching earrings, slippers and nail paint (eeeww!).
- Feeling grown up? Go sit and talk with your parents. They will advice you so much, that your thoughts will be forced to change. Plus, you feel 20 years younger!
- Feel like arguing? Change the usual sisterly talk and talk about the guys in your life with your big sister (This is a sure way of free entertainment atleast for an hour).
- Feel like being loved? Drop the senti music and snuggle up to your pet or your teddy.
- Feeling grumpy? Don't sit and brood. Instead just take a look at Taylor Lautner or Christiano Ronaldo or Rafael Nadal or Kaka or Oh well, you get it! This one strictly for the girls :-)

See change is good :-). Although some feelings refuse to change, you need to change everything else around it so that, the focus is on the new things.

If you seem unhappy in life, change the way you think. Don't set boundaries for yourself. Life is short, and not everything comes your way. Mould yourself and try to fit in whatever comes. Its okay to be selfish at times. At the end of the day, the only thing that you will have is you. Do anything, absolutely anything that will make you happy. Even if its just for the moment. Play, talk, read, write, drink, sing, dance, party, spend. Do anything that will make you feel good. No matter what happens, no matter how life treats you, never ever pity yourself. That's the worst punishment one can give themself. If 'you' don't love yourself, noone else will.


  1. your blog looks so much more brighter now are going in the right track babe !!!

  2. Thank You.. Yeah, it was time for things to get bright! :)


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