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I Believe

Kept on wondering,
When I'll be free;
I wanted to live,
I wanted the happiness key;
Love and joy,
Was always around;
I failed to see,
How could it be?
The sun's shining bright,
There will be no fright;
There will be smiles,
Through the day and the night;
I am the change,
I wanted to see;
No one owns me,
No he or she.
Hurt, tears and pain,
Its all comes in vain;
They come in herds,
I'm done with these words;
When I feel like I've had enough,
I feel like giving it all up;
But my will is as strong as it can be,
Now nothing can stop me;
Deep in my heart,
There is no doubt;
When love comes again,
I'll go reaching out.
I will stand tall,
And make myself proud;
Now, I only see the silver linings,
And not some damned cloud.
Unhappy is not the way,
That I want to leave;
I'll get it all,
In me, I believe.