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I've Learnt

I'm not being cynical,
I'm just being practical;
I don't want another saga,
That could end in a debacle.

Yes, I'm afraid,
To try to love again;
I've learnt to live with it,
Learnt not to live in vain.

I've learnt not to cry,
Not to hope for the unreasonable;
I've learnt to be strong and independent,
I've learnt how to stay stable.

Each blow that I bore,
Has thought me a lot;
I've learnt where to draw the line,
And where to put a full stop.

I've no regrets now,
I've learnt to accept;
I've learnt to block out memories,
Even if I cannot forget.

Currently I don't need anyone,
It might only get messed up more;
When people love me with all their heart,
I too want to love them from my core.

I need sometime,
I want to feel the need to let go;
I've no qualms being alone,
Its only teaching me to grow.

Now, I've learnt to love myself,
Learnt to get bright from dim,
The only thing I now have to learn,
Is how to stop loving him.