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Today. 5 years ago, 11 something am.

The weather was such that, it would make any stone hearted person go 'Ummmm..'. The sun shone subtly, the wind blew lightly and the heavy clouds stood to witness the day, but refused to pour. It was the perfect Forks setting. Probably Stephanie Mayer would have been inspired by this day, to get the setting of Forks.

She walked towards him, with a bright smile on her face. Her heart pounding in her chest, she knew very well what was to happen. Still, the young mind always teases. She had played this day many times before in her head. The scenes were different each time, but starred the same people and it always ended the same way. Now, as she walked towards him, the 50 yards ahead of her seemed endless. She was just waiting to catch a glimpse of him. The wind whispered to her heart to slow down, but it refused. It kept thumping until finally her eyes rested on him.

There he stood awaiting her, with a bunch of red roses in his hand, which was to mark the beginning of the journey they were going to embark on. As they looked at each other, both of them had only one thought in their mind, 'This is it. This is what I was waiting for until today'. She smiled looking at his innocence. He acknowledged her smile, knowing very well that she knew what it meant. At that point, they felt that the whole world had come to a standstill. There was no one around, they couldn't hear the noises. All that was crossing his mind was 'What will she say', while she thought 'How will he say it'.

And then it happened. The atmosphere suddenly felt warmer, as he muttered the three most important words of his life. Those words and that moment would be sealed in her heart forever, she knew it. It was not perfect, but there was something so genuine about it that it surpasses all levels of perfection. She smiled. She had waited long to hear these words and had a carefully rehearsed speech to reply. But when the moment dawned, she was so taken in by the naivety and the magic that all she muttered was a 'Thank You'. She regretted it the second she said it, but he only smiled. He knew that she was as nervous as he was. But as the dusk neared, she finally fought the inner voices and said what he was longing to listen. He sighed happily. Well, she did too. Finally it was off both their chests and was out in the open for them to explore.

There were no saxophones or violins, but the wind seemed to play a faint music, the sun creaked in its faded shade and the clouds lightly sprinkled their blessings. They sat there hand in hand, knowing that the rainbow that they had lit would last forever.


  1. It's amazing that even after 5 years, "she" can explain it so well as it just happened yesterday. :)

  2. Thanks... Some memories just refuse to fade away I guess..

  3. Nicely written about an experience that will happen only once in a life.

  4. Thanks Venkat.. Yeah, it happens only once in a lifetime..


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