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The 24th List

Oh boy, so we're back here. Its a month for my birthday and its time for my checklist. Damn it, I so remember writing the check list for last year. It just seemed like yesterday and look now, its been a year since that. Time does fly at times.

But this time there is a difference. Last year I kept cribbing about the fact that I'm growing old and why the hype about Birthdays and all that. But today, I'm actually looking forward for the day I turn 24. I don't mind that anymore. Within last August and this one, I've grown so much that I'm actually surprised that I'm not turning 26 or 27 :P. Feels nice to grow old for a change. So before I pen down this year's list here's a check on last year's list.

1) I figured out that I don't have the balls to just quit what I am doing and try out some other arena. I have responsibilities and I can't wander around. Moreover, I've made peace with whatever I'm doing now. Plus, I have my blog to embrace my creative side. So not missing out anything really.
2) Check. I've become more responsible and more independent.
3) Check. No more loose ends left. All stitched and compromised with.
4) Check. Finally I know the love story of Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler.
5) Understood that I can't do anything about it. She's the one who has to do something. Anyway I'm with her as she check out her prospective grooms.
6) Check. 100% done.
7) Check. Lost a few friends who decided to walk away. But I don't care cos they were never worth it.
8) Check. Virtually met Edward Maya and now I'm in love with his music.
9) Check. Decided the topic as well as my co-author.
10) Check. I do get attacks occasionally. Migraine is not curable and only prevention helps. So I try my best.

Not bad eh. Pretty good for a year.

Okay now this year's list.

1) I'm gonna live for myself and do whatever that takes to make me happy.
2) Eh well, that's it!

Now before you all think how selfish I've got, let me explain. Last year all I did was to sort out things with other people, try to make them happy and blah blah. This time I want to live. For myself. I want to enjoy the minute pleasures of life. I want to read more, learn to play the guitar, spend more time with friends, take regular vacations, learn to swim, listen to more music, take care of my health, pamper myself from time to time and all that. Nobody gets hurt anyway, so it sure is worth it :-).

Oops, and most importantly I need to start drawing a line when it comes to friendships with the opposite sex. I've constructed a boulevard around me and yet it some how doesn't seem to be enough. I'm very clear about my feelings right from the start and when a person is actually a friend, he knows what I've been through and the fact that I have no room for anyone else when it comes to love. Honestly, now my damned story is spread so wide that even people who don't know me know that. Still, someday someone decides to try. Things get ugly, their ego gets hurt and I lose my friend. How I hate that.

What does it take for someone to respect the other persons' feelings I'll never know. So from now on, no more me getting hurt. If someone doesn't get it, I'll rather show them the door than sit and feel guilty about hurting that person. When I decide to move on or when love decides to visit again, I'll think about it. Until then I'm fine the way I am and am in love with my life the way it is. Enough said!

Lets see what life has in store. If it goes according to the plan then life is not life. So I've decided not to do anything. I'll just sit back and embrace what life has to give me. No complains, no regrets. Anyway, Life is worth living only that way.


  1. Nice check list. If you follow this list, I am sure you will enjoy your life this year more than the last year :-)

  2. Thanks a lot Venkat.. I'll try my best to follow it :)

  3. Interesting:-)Wish I am around to see your 97th list:-)I am sure u did learn some valuable lessons the past year.

  4. @Aru, Ahhh about the lessons I learnt, they keep increasing day by day :).. 97th list eh? Aren't we getting way too ambitious here? :P.. Donno about u, but I'd be glad if I make it to my 47th list..

  5. 97th is way too ambitious eh? Well...there's always something called hope ..and she's got a partner named Faith..has a nice ring to it right? hmm sounds where have I heard that one;-)

  6. Hahaha.. Right back at me eh? Naaice :)


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