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How do we bond with people? How do you check if the frequencies match? What is compatibility? In simple words, what can you talk about to connect with someone.

I can connect with someone with any one of the following.

1. Misery. You're going through the same hell as I am, and can understand how I feel, you have all chances of being my next BFF.

2. Books. Nothing like discussing the writing of your favourite authors.

3. Food. This is the one bond I crave for the most. I'm a foodie and I love to talk about food. I'm also known to dissect the food and butt in with my not so wanted opinion.

4. Fashion. Latest trends, colours, fittings, products etc etc.

5. Music. Discuss different genres and give an honest opinion as to what you think. If you can sing or play an instrument, thumbs up!

6. Movies. I like off beat movies, so someone with similar tastes comes out golden.

7. Poetry. Hardly found anyone who fancies poetry the way I do. Perfectly rhymed words, sends a chill down my spine.

8. Sports. Updated people are always a thrill to be with. Someone once asked me who Rafael Nadal was. I wanted to disappear.

9. Blogs. If you can write and are willing to show it off to the world, then I will respect you inspite of everything else.

10. Love. If you are in love, or been in love, we have a lot to talk about.


  1. Soumya,
    I think 9 & 10 are the ones which most of us around commonly share.
    The previous three posts of yours come up back-to-back, showing how you feel within right now. Don't be so deep down my friend, we all are here to make your days livelier..
    Cheer Up! :o)

  2. I totally agree with 9 & 10..
    Yeah was feeling low, so came the back to back posts in the same mood.. Thats so nice of you. I'm cheered up now! Thanks..

  3. Thats good news.. keep smiling :o)

  4. I think you still in the sick mood, come out from it and post some poetry's. I always have interest to read your poetry's

  5. @Vankat, I thought this post was good, and I surely am not in the sick mood.. I do write poetry, but not always..


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