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Hope.. And a li'l Sugar

She always stays by you,
No matter how many times you fail;
She's always humble and positive,
And is as holy as the grail.

She gives you a reason to live,
She makes you wanna give it a shot;
She always hovers around in the mind,
Whether you want her around or not.

She doesn't promise you anything,
But she sure makes you forget the pain;
If you decide to stand by her,
She wont let your efforts go in vain.

She has this strange funny way,
Of making you believe in her;
She makes you see things right,
When all you can see is a blur.

Together with her counterpart,
She lifts you and helps you to cope;
If he's called Faith,
Then she's called Hope.

She's like a hot summer,
In the middle of cold winter;
She's like the hard shelled coconut,
With a surprise soft centre.

She'll get you, what you want;
But she makes you put in a strife;
She's like a little sugar,
In the bitter sweet pudding called life.


  1. Thanks...
    I'm really happy by the way my love life is going, cos there isn't any out there.. I don't need this horoscope thingie to embrace it.. If its not meant to be, I don't think any thing can be done.. So, I'll pass..
    Thanks anyway..

  2. I liked this really good.
    Loved the way u pen stanzas 2,3,4,5,7..well all of it:-)

  3. @Aru, Thanks so much.. After long I'm getting a like from you ;)
    I've got the max praise for stanza 6 until now.. Nice to know you liked the others.. :)


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