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The art of living,
Is a mix of letting go and holding on;
There is no point in crying for something,
That has already been gone.

Believe that life's worth living,
The belief will help make it a fact;
Be honest to yourself throughout,
Its not worth it if you put up an act.

Do not dwell in the past,
Do not dream about the future;
Concentrate on the present,
Give it love and let it nurture.

You still are alive and kicking,
Your mission on earth is not yet complete;
Only the zest to live with keep you going,
Just hold on and don't let it deplete.

Its not the length of life that matters,
Its always been the depth of it;
Life is not about holding good cards,
Its about playing them well so they fit.

Life is like a dream for the wise,
For a fool, its a game for sure;
Its something fun for the rich,
And its like misery to the poor.

Life is like a series of collisions,
Some strike right and some don't;
Life still remains the best therapist,
Some may believe it and some wont.

Never accept any other definition of life;
Do it yourself, give it a name;
Very few things in life are really important,
Set the target and take the aim.

Being undead doesn't mean you're alive,
Live everyday like its your last;
Life is an unpredictable story,
There always is a change in the plot or the cast.

The price of anything,
Is the amount of life you exchange it for;
Life is your story of how, why and when,
Just make sure its you who holds the pen.


  1. Writer you're so brilliant ! You write so well! I loved your write ups! More power!


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