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Painful Inception

Finally I'm out of bed and kicking. I've been extremely sick for the past week and that has left me rusted. Trust me I can actually hear a faint creak when I try to move my hand or leg. One week, locked up at home with nothing to do but sleep. Thankfully I had my mom around me else knowing the way my brain works I'd surely be dead by now. I dint even have the strength to get up and read a book, so all I could do was lie down and look at the fan swirling above me and think. Thankfully nothing bad this time. Life sure has improved :-)

Right before I fell sick, I saw the movie 'Inception'. That day probably is one the most memorable days of my life. Even though a lot of thoughts were incepted into my mind and I was in a hell a lot of pain, the thought of that day brings a smile. The movie is good. Nothing great. Okay before I get belted let me tell you why I feel so. 'Inception' dint play with my mind the way other Christopher Nolan movies did (minus 'The Dark Knight'). Take for instance 'Memento'. That movie drove me nuts. I had to watch it like thrice and I'm still not sure if I have got it right. 'The Prestige' was another such movie. But honestly I just saw this one again and again to watch Hugh Jackman. Its not everyday you get to see him play a magician and duplicate himself.

So compared to all this 'Inception' felt really simple. Dreams, yeah. Dreams in dreams, yeah. Dreams in dreams in dreams, yeah. An amazing concept, but dint thrill me much. Also, the pain in my right foot might have kept me from getting the actual plot. I would be lying if I said that, it could not be a possibility. Leonardo looks stunning though with his jelled hair and well cut formals. I come back home and then there it was Wham! High fever and joint pain. So after a series of blood tests and ruling out Chickengunia I was advised like a month of rest, to bring up my haemoglobin count and my ever drooping blood pressure. During my current work scenario asking for a month leave would be like asking my lead to donate me her kidneys or something like that. So it was decided to be a week and I lazed around as the shortest week of my life took its course.

It was kinda fun being pampered and fussed over. You might think that I had a great time, but no! I was in a hell a lot of pain, with even a walk from the room to the kitchen having me panting for breath. One thing that I learnt from the past week is to never take your health for granted. Bloody hell! I'm sure I can get past any kinda pain as long as my health is fine. Trust me a heart break doesn't seem all that bad now. At least I was fit to walk around and have distraction then. But here, I was lying on a bed waiting to be taken care of. Waiting to be helped out of bed to eat, supported as you walk... In short, it was a sneak peak into how hell would look to me. I'd rather live until a healthy 50 and call it day rather than drag myself till 80 or something.

For me its all about how I live, rather than how long I live!


  1. After long time some post, that to about movies. Post anything about except movies.Are you fine now?

  2. Hmmm Venkat, will try to put up something else soon.. I've been really sick and all I did was sleep and watch movies, hence the posts.. I'm fine now, thanks..


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