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Butterfly Wings

Life seems so bright,
Like being lit by a million fireflies;
There is light everywhere,
I can just stand and in awe stare.

Dreams coming all the way true,
I feel like its something new;
All around are colourful things,
Like a pair of butterfly wings.

As I awake from the warm cocoon,
Something pleasant awaits me;
The thought itself is so amusing,
I just cant wait to see.

The cool winter breeze,
Sweeps me of my feet;
Its only mesmerising,
And the feeling is so neat.

Now happiness seems to distract me,
I want to soak in the view;
Finally I get to feel this way,
Its been since long due.

I feel like I'm floating,
Lost in a state of trance;
Its completely enveloped me,
I want to jump up and prance.

Joy and peace are no longer just words,
Happiness now sure is mine;
With my head held up high,
I feel like I'm on cloud nine.