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"When your happiness depends on what somebody else does, you're pretty much screwed". I read this line a really long time ago, but it comes to the surface now.

You feel so powerless when you watch your life taking drastic turns and you can't do anything about. You just have to sit back and watch other people make decisions for you. That's the most pathetic feeling in the world. But why do you do it? Because its hard to not "not do" it. Its really heart wrenching when what somebody else does somewhere, can influence what you do here. Its madness. It makes one weak. Its craziness. Its love. Its painful. It drains you out. But still you are perfectly willing to just sit back and watch things happen to you.

Its easy to stand quietly and watch yourself burn, rather than to see them cry. Then it seems easy to smile, even though you know you are living a lie. This is something that lasts forever. Like some bad segments of your DNA. It just grows within you, and you can't do anything about it. No matter how strong you are, there is always a weak spot in every one of us. And if hit right, the weakness takes over and all you can do is stand and watch yourself crumble day by day.

The weak spot can be anything. Family, friend, or the one you love. So the best thing would be to not let anything/anyone own you. Never let anyone so close that they begin to affect you. And not only in good ways. If your temperament and sanity depends on someone else then it means that you are completely void inside. And that's the most unhealthy thing ever.

When you have the time, its better to get out of such stupidities. Because being powerless regarding your own emotions is just the beginning to the trip down hell. If you don't understand your own 'how's' and 'why's', I don't see why anybody else would want to understand it.

Emotions are like a set of buttons among our senses. Very few people know what button is located where. Don't let anyone know where your senses are present. If people are aware of your weak spots, they will manipulate it anyhow and any number of times for it to work to their advantage. If you have no weak spots, then great. These people are probably the most luckiest people on earth. For those who do have them, hide it!


  1. i would say show the weak spots and also show that it can't be manipulated .

    That in a way would make you strong forever.How does one do it if you ask then i can only say you got to find your own way around it.

  2. I guess its worth a shot.. I'll try to find the way then :)


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